Top Reasons You Should Make Up Your Mind About Joining Fiverr

Everybody in the blogging ministry must be very familiar with fiverr , you must have heard or read about Fiverr and how it has made life easy for many people. However, what you may not know is that Fiverr is still an unfamiliar place to many people because they don’t grasp the benefits it brings.

Sadly, Nigerians constitute one of those nationalities that are yet to take advantage of freelance as a whole. Other countries know about what they can they can gain from it and are joining freelance sites in droves. For instance, according to a survey conducted by Forbes, freelancers now make up over 35% of US workforce.

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That percentage represents about 55 million Americans. Don’t these people know something that you don’t?

The interesting part of all of these is that the population of people who go freelance does not indicate lesser chances for you. The reason is that the sky is big enough for everyone. In as much as you have a skill that you can sell, you will always find buyers who are willing to pay you for it. And as Nigerians, we are naturally good at anything we give our attention. So, you can be confident that you can earn better than many people from other countries if you give it your best.

Now consider the following reasons why you should join Fiverr.

1. You learn on the job yet get paid for it

Anybody who is a freelancer on Fiverr will agree to this fact. You don’t have to wait till you are perfect before you start selling your skills. As a matter of fact, what will bring you towards perfection is frequent practice of your skill. But what can be better than the fact that you are learning the ropes of the job but you are getting paid for it by different buyers? That’s the beauty of working on Fiverr. Other freelance platforms are not so encouraging to beginners like Fiverr.

2. It’s a cheap way to earn

If you are a worker, you are probably aware that a sizable part of your income goes into expenses surrounding your work such as transportation, dressing, feeding etc. If you go into freelance, you don’t have to worry about spending to ensure you keep earning. Aside your data, freelance costs almost nothing to start or operate!

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3. You work only on what you can deliver

Any skill you have is an indication that it’s something you enjoy doing. Unlike scenarios where you get tasks that you don’t like; in freelance, you work based on your strengths. You pick a niche that you are comfortable in and then work as though you are having fun. You can as well punctuate work with making phone calls, checking your social media accounts, singing, or doing anything you like. Pure fun!

4. You don’t have to work from 8am-5pm

Who says you have to put in nine hours of work each day before you can make ends meet? Then that person hasn’t heard of Fiverr. As a freelancer on Fiverr, you have a flexible working schedule. Whether you work best at night or during the day is not a problem provided you meet deadlines. You can work from 8am-10am and have a long break only to resume work at 4pm-7pm. This is just an example all freelancers can relate to.

5. It’s a great way to earn full-time

So you are looking for a job and you’re yet to find any? Try Fiverr (after all, it costs nothing!). You can divert the data you use on the social media to an avenue you can earn from while you wait for one of your job applications “to click"...

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