Top Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Diamond Jewelry

Top  Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Diamond Jewelry

Practically speaking,  Never Make These Mistakes While Buying Diamond Jewelry

Most people tend to buy/purchase diamond at certain period in their life. The sets can be bought to celebrate the most gracious moments of your life. There are a couple of assumptions and myths you hear about diamonds. If you get carried away by these, you are never going to get the true diamond stone that you actually deserve.

Before buying your next Diamond, kindly follow the highlighted steps below

It is all right even if I don't own a certificate
As you all must be aware of, every diamond stone is determined by its cut, clarity, color and carats. You need to have a basic knowledge on what these 4 C's are all about. You at least need to be aware of what you are paying for. Say for instance, two equal diamonds glimmer differently, under the same given conditions. A certificate is therefore mandatory, before a diamond purchase is initiated.

If the diamond jewelry store, doesn't give you an authenticated certification stating the purity or grade of stones used, it simply means you have been cheated or duped, of all your hard-earned money. In other words, a store denying you with a certificate simply implies day-light robbery.

No trace of blood diamonds?
Diamond dealers should be aware of this. Like we all know, blood diamonds are sold by corrupt governments. The proceeds of the same are utilized to purchase weapons, thereby supporting war fighting nations. It will implicitly not be mentioned on the certificates, that the stone used is a blood diamond one. You need to go with the Kimberley process to help you select fair diamonds. A signature is needed for every rough diamond stone that has been purchased from the diamond jewelry store, as such. The value of the same needs to be stated on the invoice, pertaining to the same.

Not knowing where the facets are
You simply cannot take things for granted. A diamond stone is one that is embedded on your ring to reveal the relationship you carry in life. Facets are those areas of the diamond stone where the brilliance or sparkle of the jewelry outshines. Hence, the most beautiful glitter is achieved only when the facets of the stone are on the right degrees with perfectly dotted proportions.

Not knowing which lab rated your diamond jewelry
Every diamond lab has set rules and guidelines, for grading diamonds. There can be one laboratory that rates the diamond a lot purer than another laboratory. Dealers and retailers prefer doing business with those laboratories that grade their stones three to five times higher than its actual quality. Ultimately it is you, who is duped, in the entire bargain. Select agencies like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI or HRD of Antwerp. These agencies use the fair value of diamonds.


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