Fundamental Requirements for Making Money Online as an online entrepreneur

Requirements for Making Money Online

Just as the name implies, online business refers to any profitable venture that is operated over the Internet and that you have significant control over.
So, this definition excludes stuffs like online betting, get-paid-to schemes, Ponzi schemes and other ventures that you can’t control or that do not involve offering a real product or service.

There are various types and models of online business, and they can be classified or categorized in various ways.

Common examples of online business models include:

Freelancing: Offering a service such as writing, web design, graphics design or proofreading to clients online and getting paid on a per-project basis.

Affiliate marketing: Promoting products or services for companies and getting paid each time a customer makes a purchase through your efforts. You might be interesting in reading  my article on How to Make Money with Online Affiliate Marketing

Information marketing:
Packaging some valuable information into an e-book, video, or e-course, and selling it online to people who are desperately in need of it.

Ad space sales: Selling advert space on your blog to ad networks such as Google Adsense or directly to interested advertisers.

Online retail: Offering physical products for sale to interested customers and delivering orders to their doorsteps or preferred delivery locations.

With the above been said, in order to make money online as an online entrepreneur, you must follow the steps below;
Chose the best and near-perfect niche
In order to make a reasonable amount of money online on a daily basis, your niche must be carefully selected and interesting. Not only that, it should be able to make you the money you desire. There are lots of top paying niche to blog on, such as technology, automobiles, blogging, make money online, Health, Investment and insurance niche. Chose the one that suites your expertise, write quality articles and supply relevant content without plagiarizing. Entertainment niche doesn’t pay well enough and can’t earn you $10 daily from Adsense. 

Chose the right Keywords
Your blog should have high or practically paying keywords. Although we can’t say what is the most excellent CPC amount, but I would say you should make sure your average CPC is higher than 0.25$. If you are targeting higher CPC keywords, then this rate will be higher so the RPM too. In my experience anything related to ‘Free’ will not bring good CPC. This can range from content centered on free images, free web hosting, free domains, free phones etc.. 

Build your Organic traffic
This is very important as your blog may possibly require around 2100 daily page views via search engines.
Organic and natural traffic is very significant to make money from Adsense. Assuming the average search engine traffic for a blog should be somewhere around 70%. Therefore, out of our anticipated 3000 PVs daily, the 70% is 2100 PVs.

You must ensure that about 70% of your daily traffic is coming through search engines. Because these are basically the new visitors to your blog and might possibly click yours Adsense ads.

4. Ensure that your blog is properly Optimized (SEO)
Search engine optimization is a very significant parameter and determine your search engine ranking. All your contents must obey certain SEO rules in order to make reasonable amount of money a day online. The importance of SEO is beyond normal understanding. It is central in blogging. 

That’s why most blogs don’t last long. After a while they fade away because of negligence of proper and effective SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) has for so long stood as an imperative tactic for business success and it’s becoming extra applicable. SEO is the practice of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “normal” search results on search engines.

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

5. Get Traffic from Native Speakers of English Countries

To make $10 daily from Adsense, your blog readers must come from countries like US,UK, Canada, Newzealand etc. These are countries with high CPC. Even if your blog eventually meets the requirements above, but not receiving reasonable amount of visitors/readers from specific countries (where in general CPC and Adsense ads are diverse and extremely targeted), afterward the CPC will be less and your intent to build and generate 10$ per day would not be achieved. 

Getting reasonable clicks from this earlier listed countries, like USA, Canada, UK, and Australia pay much higher than other south Asian countries ,African countries and even most middle east. Consequently, even if your blog is getting 3000 PVs from Google on a daily basis, but the bulk of the traffic is coming from south African countries, African country like Nigeria, Asian countries like Pakistan, Iran and even India, in that case I qualm you will be able to generate 3.5$ RPM rate.

This is the basic reason why you need to target a topic which can be a focus for all readers from virtually all part of the world.
Receiving 2000 daily visits through search engines can be dissimilar for each blog depending on the content, advert placement and niche/keyword choice. 

If actually you have high paying keywords and receiving good search engine traffic from all part of the world ( mainly USA and UK), subsequently, perhaps two or three clicks will be more than sufficient to produce 10, 20 or 100 dollars on a daily basis. 

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