What Are the Benefits of Sugarcane Farming in Nigeria?

What Are the Benefits of Sugarcane Farming in Nigeria?
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Nigeria has a vast land area suitable for the growth of many crops including sugarcane. Many Nigerian farmers are doing great in expanding the production of sugarcane. However, Nigeria’s volume of sugarcane is still not enough to meet industrial needs.

Industries are ever emerging in Nigeria and it is clear that sugar industries have increased in number. Plenty of sugarcane is needed for sugar production because many Nigerian industries (including breweries) tend to use sugar for processing various kinds of foods. Therefore, this article draws attention to the benefits of sugarcane farming in Nigeria.

There is High Demand for Sugarcane

Sugarcane is always in high demand in Nigeria. Besides its high level of individual consumption, many Nigerian sugar factories tend to meet many sugarcane farmers for large-scale supply of sugarcane products. As regards this, a sugarcane farmer does not have to bother about finding buyers for his harvested sugarcane products.

Sugarcane Serves as Raw Material

Besides serving as a basis for the production of sugar, sugarcane is an essential raw material from which biofuels can be obtained. Due to this use, many industrial units concerned with sugar production tend to patronize sugarcane farmers in order to facilitate industrial activities. Moreover, statistics show that Nigeria accounts for the second largest consumption of sugarcane in Africa, making it easy for sugarcane farmers to make profit at all times.

Increase in Daily Consumption of Sugarcane

Predominantly in the North, Nigeria has a large number of itinerant sugarcane sellers and this is mainly because the daily consumption of sugarcane is ever increasing. As a sugarcane farmer, it isn’t necessary that you become a commercial seller of your sugarcane harvest. In the latter case, you should find a handful of itinerant sellers who are ready to buy and resell your sugarcane products.

Sugarcane is Easy to Grow

Nigeria’s vegetation greatly favours the cultivation of sugarcane and this constitutes the reasons why you do not have to spend unreasonably on fertilization needs. Depending on the land fertility and the level of water supply, you can grow sugarcane quickly and even harvest up to five batches of sugarcane products before preparing your land for new sugarcane plantation.

Low Investment Setup

Sugarcane farming is one of the farming businesses that require low start-up capital. Unlike several other farming subsets (such as poultry farming and fish farming), sugarcane farming doesn’t require the construction of any building. All you need is a fertile land area to quicken the growth of your sugarcane.

In addition to the low investment requirement, great prospects accrue to sugarcane farmers because the consumption of sugarcane is ever increasing.

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