Top 4 States Where You Can Do Business in Nigeria

Top 4 States Where You Can Do Business in Nigeria
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Nigeria is blessed with a vast amount of mineral potentials which have contributed to the growth of businesses in one way or the other. Needless to say or not, this is one of the reasons why the country has remained Africa’s largest economy. In this article, our discussion will be centred on the top 4 States where you can do business in Nigeria.

Every Nigerian State can be a preferable place for business establishment but certain Nigerian States have proved their excellence with the potentials of making businesses thrive. Besides, these States boast of massive population estimates, making them the best places that should generate business traffic in Nigeria.


Located in the South-West, Lagos State is considered by many as the heartbeat of commercial activities in Nigeria. Besides its suitable atmosphere for business establishments, Lagos State is widely recognized for making up about 60% of Nigeria’s overall industrial investments.

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Lagos State is the base of numerous manufacturing companies concerned with the production of chemicals, foods, electrical appliances, beverages and foodstuffs. Due to its huge population, people are always convinced that Lagos State is the best place for their businesses to thrive.


Precisely, Kano State is the mainstay of commercial activities in the northern part of Nigeria. Moreover, it is the second most populous State in Nigeria and it paves the way for business contact between numerous buyers and sellers.

Over the years, it’s been said that the largest share of Kano State revenue stems from the large-scale production of groundnut. However, the State (Kano) has generated additional revenue from its constant production and supply of chilli pepper, hide and skin, garlic, cotton, soybean and sesame.


In terms of industrial development, Rivers State has maintained its ground and dominated the second spot just behind Lagos State. With the aim of harnessing its natural potentials for industrial purposes, many firms have established industries in Rivers State and made it a great source of raw materials including bitumen, natural gas, and other mineral resources. Apart from its massive mineral endowment, Rivers State has been considered the heartbeat of the South-South of Nigeria.

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Historically, Oyo is one of the best States to do Nigerian businesses especially those pertaining to agriculture. Endowed with numerous mineral and agricultural potentials, Oyo State boasts of its stance as one of the richest places in Africa. For the fact that it has a huge deposit of agricultural potentials, Oyo State is considered one of the best business locations for the establishment of factories concerned with leather-making, production of garments and beverages.

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