Top 4 Capital-Intensive Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Top 4 Capital-Intensive Business Opportunities in Nigeria
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The shape of the Nigerian business sphere is quite impressive due to the fact that many businesses have continued to thrive year after year. Whether you’re a low-budget investor or the multi-millionaire investor, there are a vast number of business opportunities open to you.

In some of our previous write-ups, we discussed some of the profitable small-scale businesses you can engage in as a Nigerian. However in this very write-up, we have decided to review the top 4 capital-intensive business opportunities in Nigeria. Notably, these businesses are best suited for high-budget Nigerians who are thinking about what businesses to invest their massive capital in.


Housing is one of the large-capital businesses many Nigerians have capitalized on. Besides real estate management, housing covers several other things such as the construction of houses and the sale/distribution of building materials. Without any doubts, housing is one of the most lucrative businesses that have attracted large-scale investors.

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In Nigeria, houses are built in different areas on a continual basis probably because shelter is one of the most essential necessities for human existence. Moreover, landed properties are great sources of income because they have the potential to increase in value year after year.

Auto Business

This business usually requires the sale automobiles manufactured by leading automotive brands such as BMW, Hyundai and Toyota. Without being skeptical, auto business is one of the businesses that will continue to thrive as long as transportation remains an essential part of human existence.

By investing largely in car dealership, some investors have been able to maximize their profits and establish great business empire for themselves. Auto business will potentially yield massive returns but it requires a huge capital layout.


Many Nigerians value their looks and this has given much significance to the aesthetic appreciation of fashion in Nigeria. With billions of Naira currently invested in the fashion industry, you must accept that fashion is one of the trendy businesses in Nigeria.

Today, multi-million and ostentatious fashion brands are spread across many Nigerian cities simply because thousands of Nigerians pay much attention to fashion needs such as makeup, hairstyling and so on.

As a capital-intensive business, you need to have gathered a number of resources together before establishing a fashion brand. And depending on the size of your business, you may need to employ several professionals such as hairstylists, barbers and makeup artists.

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Besides being the means by which goods, supplies and humans are conveyed from one place to another, transportation is a great business opportunity which yields profits regardless of the time being. In Nigeria, transportation companies make reasonable profits but as good as it seems to them, supernormal profits roll in during some festive periods when numerous Nigerians travel from one corner of the country to another.
With huge capital layouts, many shrewd Nigerian investors have bought several cars and employed professional drivers to convey passengers/goods from one place to another.


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