Google AdSense Reloaded:Top 5 Optimization Tips from Google to Skyrocket your Earnings

Down to making money from the Big G. Adsense. Are you ready? If yes, grab a cup of tea and read this. Google adsense is one of the best means of earning online. Although, there are lots of alternative means of making money online. Relying solely on Google adsense is an abuse because you're definately leaving 75% of your income stream vacant. 
Based on experience, Google adsense only constitute 25% of a blogs earning potential, 40% goes to affiliate marketing because it pays the most. Sponsored post/Reviews gets 20%  and 15% goes to blogging services.
In order to make money online, there are some strict conditions to follow. I will like you to check this out if you dont have an approved Google Adsense account already.

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Moving to the business of the day. Kindly go through  these top 5 optimization tips straight from Google! I received it this morning. Hope it will add value to your earnings.

Here Comes The Top AdSense Optimization Tips

Whenever we meet with publishers, we hear one question over and over again: "How can I use AdSense more effectively to increase my earnings?"  Follow these top tips here and encourage you to experiment with them and see how they impact your earnings. Happy testing!
1. Maximize your AdSense coverage In order to maximize your earnings, place three AdSense ad units and three link units on each of your pages. The more ads you display, the more opportunities you have for your users to engage with them.
Also, because some ads are paid on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis, you will often be paid just for displaying the ads, regardless whether a user clicks on them.
2. Place your ads above the fold Ads that appear higher on the page perform the best. Place your ads so users can see them without scrolling down the page. The more a user has to scroll before finding your ads, the less likely they are to see them and to click on them.
3. Use the best performing ad units Our advertisers' preferred ad units are the Leaderboard (728x90), the Medium Rectangle (300x250) and the Wide Skyscraper (160x600). By using these popular ad units, you'll be tapping into a larger pool of competing ads. More ad inventory leads to more competition in the ad auction and ultimately results in higher RPMs for our publishers.
4. Show text and image ads Check your ad units and make sure that you've opted-in to displaying text and image ads. By diversifying your ads, you're able to increase the available inventory for your site. With most text ads paid on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and most image ads paid on a cost-per-impression (CPM) ad, you can let AdSense determine which ads will maximize your earnings.
5. Complement your content with your ads Your AdSense ads should fit seamlessly within your site to improve your users' experience. Blend the color of your ads to match the rest of your site and remove the borders around your ad units to help your ads complement your content and enhance your site.
Bonus Tip: Opt-in to Placement Targeting Set up Custom Channels in your AdSense account and opt-in to Placement Targeting. Placement targeting allows our advertisers to bid on a specific ad or group of ad placements on your site. Advertisers are usually willing to bid more for targeted units.
Have additional questions? Check out
 Recently I tried running  some experiment and got this over the last 30 days:

That is all for now!  Although most successful bloggers have their own secret strategy. It all depends on trial and error. Running technical experiment to know which ads size works well for you.
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