Seven Ways To Make Your Social Media Strategy Fail - Or Succeed

Like it or not, the internet has changed the way business is conducted. No longer are brick and mortar stores and companies advertising locally in their newspapers and phone books. They are instead advertising online and reaching many more potential audiences than ever before- widening the potential for exposure, sales, and growth.

The newest phone technologies have opened doors in communication with the use of apps that help customers connect directly with their favorite brands and products. Those who aren't connected on social applications are missing out on huge opportunities to target their exact customer base. With the help of a qualified advertising agency you can up your game dramatically while avoiding pitfalls. Here are seven ways to make your social media strategy fail- or succeed.

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1. Do not use social media to only promote your message

Social advertising does not work like classic advertising. Gone are the days when you could simply post a mysterious and eye popping picture on a billboard or run a television ad and then sit back and watch the sales flow. Today's customers demand more from the companies they trust. Along with quality products and services, they demand active participation and communication. If you are only using social apps to post your messages and advertise without engaging customers, they will soon tune out your messages.

2. Do not avoid social discussions
We are now living in a society that is more involved in community awareness and local and regional politics, as well as social dialogue among many other different domains. Those companies who want to stay relevant need to engage customers in their fields and be trendsetters in the national or global conversation. Staying silent for fear of offending is now almost as dangerous as taking a controversial stand. Make sure you have a strong message and don't be afraid to speak up.

3. Do not simply post without connecting
Make sure you are connecting with your customers. Comment on their reviews and learn from the qualitative data that they provide. Many useful innovations can come about by listening to feedback directly from customers.

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4. Do keep  friends at Arms length 
It may seem counter-intuitive to collaborate with others in the industry, after all they are your competitors, however, avoiding the greater conversation will make you look irrelevant. Even competing companies can come together to have a voice in their particular markets.

5. Do build an audience
Build an audience by being authentic, communicating clearly, engaging in dialogue, collaborating with customers and other businesses, and by sticking to your overall marketing messages.

6. Do engage in social discussion
Set the tone of your business or company by sticking to your mission statement and always exuding integrity as you conduct your business. Be a leader in your industry by connecting directly with your audience and let the strength of your messaging lead the way.

7. Do use the help of professionals
If your company or advertising department lacks the experience or expertise needed to navigate the complicated field of social applications, you are not alone. Many businesses outsource their multi-media marketing to professionals with the knowledge of how to get results.

Social media has revolutionized the field of business and advertising. Wield the technology to your advantage and don't get left behind.


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