How to Open and Verify Nigerian PayPal Account in 5 Minutes

PayPal makes payment for goods and services much easier. PayPal efficacy can't be compared, although it has faced much criticism over the last few years basically on it refusal to allow Nigerians receive payments on its platform. Payoneer has practical solve this problem in all angle.I encourage you to get Payoneer master card as soon as possible.
However, much have been  done in recent times to pass through this blockade or obstacle. As a Nigerian, there is one thing you must know; the usage of paypal has restrictions: you can only send money to other PayPal accounts (not those owned by fellow Nigerians, though) or make online payments for products and services. You cannot receive or withdraw funds.
As a result of this, if you need a PayPal account for receiving funds from abroad, I guess this development will leave you disappointed rather than excited. (I will sooner or later share a smart trick for opening and verifying a PayPal account that will allow you to receive and withdraw funds here in Nigeria, so dont be scared. 
Furthermore, from my research, you have every reason to be excited if you’re one of those who need the service for making online payments.
The restrictions notwithstanding, creating your own Nigerian PayPal account has its benefits. With it, you can pay online for products and services such as Fiverr gigs, ebooks, mobile apps, software packages, website and blog themes, WordPress plugins, mini importation products, and so on.
Opening and verifying your PayPal account is very simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Visit
  • Click “Sign up for free”paypal home
  • Click “Open an account” under the “Individual” tab. (Don’t create a business account unless you have a strong reason to do that. You might be required to provide certain business documents that you may not have.)paypal 1
  • Fill the form and click “Agree and create account”
  • On the security challenge page, enter the code displayed in the space provided and click “Continue”paypal 2
  • Provide your credit card details as required on the next page, and click “Continue”
And that’s all. You’ve created your own PayPal account. If your you receive an error message regarding your credit card details, click “Continue to my account” and try to verify your account again using the “Get verified” link.
Below is a screenshot of my own verified PayPal account.paypal verified
So, get online and register yours. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes (depending on your connection speed, though).

Got any questions?

Share them in the comments section.

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  1. Lovely, can you show me how to open and very skrill account in Nigeria

  2. Thanks for dropping by, I will drop that soon. Kindly check in few days time