How I Increased My Blog Earnings With Payoneer Master Card.

Payoneer master card has been extremely helpful. Payoneer Master Card is an international Master card issued to bloggers and freelancers free of charge. Payoneer currently wires over 200+ countries, so where you are from doesn’t really counts; from experience, it serves well and much better than skrill, PayPal or Payza and for some countries residents it is the basic option.
credit: Payoneer

Bloggers and freelancers now have the privilege to smile while their bank alerts are trending positively. Over the last few years, online entrepreneurs especially bloggers, freelance writers and affiliate marketers have been kept in a blackout loop .Getting paid for work well done has always been a problem.
 All thanks to payoneer, Smiles have been the order of the day. Most foreign payment platform are not friendly with Nigerians, but that notwithstanding, it will change sooner or later. The fundamental aspect is that it doesn't stop us from making the dollars. In spite of all this gate shield and restrictions, payoneer stood up to the task and created an unbiased payment gateway that is easy, flexible and accessible to all, including Nigerians.

The benefit of payoneer payment system through payoneer master card is endless and can't be over emphasized. 

=>How I received my payoneer master card from the comfort of my home.

I applied for payoneer master card once and got approved instantly. However, receiving the master card was somewhat a problem because of address issues. In Nigeria, our address system is not well coordinated and as a result, we hardly experience smooth items delivery. But that is no longer a problem, because I was able to receive mine from the nearest post office after making a request for the payoneer card twice.

Below are few benefits of payoneer master card:
1.Check around the web, no payment platform currently offer this unbeatable service. Sending you a valid master card and getting rewarded at the same time. You will get the benefit of earning $25 for free when you apply for the payoneer card especially through my referral link. As can be seen above, this will happen when your account accumulates up to $100.

2. Easily receive payments from thousands of companies directly to your Payoneer Account: Most foreign companies around the world are partnered with Payoneer for sending mass payments. With payoneer, you don’t have to worry about getting paid for services rendered. The most important part is that you can easily withdraw this money from your local ATM channel. However, you do not require a bank account to withdraw your money from Payoneer. From reviews conducted, once a withdrawal is made across any ATM terminal, a subsidized fee of $1.35 will be charge for those currently domiciled outside US and $2.50 for those within the US. However, bear in mind that fees by the ATM service provider will apply.

3. The Payoneer master card is free of charge and it will be delivered to your home address/office address free of charge without any extra charges. If after registration and making request, you don’t receive it from the comfort of your home. Kindly visit the nearest post office to collect it. That was how I collected mine.

4. With payoneer master card you can afford to Buy Anything and everything Online: You can use the payoneer card to buy anything online from major ecommerce shopping sites like AliExpress, Bestbuy, Gearbest, Ebay, Amazon etc without any restriction. Online shopping is fun when you have the right materials.

5. Payoneer is currently integrated with top Freelancing websites. Virtually all the freelancing websites have the Payoneer MasterCard withdrawal option. Sites like,, Upwork, oDesk and Fiverr among others. Payoneer currently stands as one of the best withdrawal options in these sites.

6. Withdraw Money from PayPal Using Your Payoneer Card: Payoneer has a US Payment Service previously known as US Virtual Account. With this you are given a virtual US account number. For those who are eligible for this service, you will be expected to add this account number to PayPal. For those who use it, because am yet to give it a trial. it is the ONLY option which enables withdrawal of funds from PayPal under normal circumstance, meaning they have to click on “Withdraw” on their PayPal accounts, follow the prompts action and the money goes to your Payoneer MasterCard. Which will be ready for withdrawal?

7. Uncharged Payoneer to Payoneer fund transfer: Like I said earlier, payoneer offers unbeatable service like never before. Similar payment gateways or platform like PayPal or Skrill have a small service charge for either sending or receiving payments. As a result, if you’re sending cash to your friend who also has a Payoneer account, you’ll do it at absolutely no extra charge deduction. This is one of the best services ever. You can give it trial.

8. Payoneer also has the best customer service support. Send them a mail and you will get a response within seconds or minute.I can bet my blog on that.sure you will be satisfy by their service.

Are you struggling with paypal, skrill or other payment system? I advise you to switch to payoneer because that’s the trending payment system now. With your payoneer master card, you can buy anything and everything online from anywhere in the world, just from the comfort of your home or office. In addition, you will receive a free $25 just from signing up and when you load and make a transaction up to $100 both you and me will make money.With payoneer you will also be able to send money without limit to your friends, family or freelancers free of charge as long as they have a Payoneer account. Furthermore, if you’re an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn free $25 whenever you refer someone and they recharge or transact up to $100. From research, most payoneer top affiliates get $50 from their referral.

If you haven’t signup already kindly do that by using my payoneer signup link here. In case you have issues receiving your payoneer master card. Hire me to get it delivered to your door step within two weeks for a token fee ($20). But for those who signup with my referral links will be free without charges.

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  1. great, will give it a trial now

  2. That will be good, remember to use my sign up link. Thanks

  3. I have signup for some days now..have not received my card

  4. You will. Ater 2 weeks visit the nearest post office to get it