4 Key Basics of Quality Article Writing to Excite Your Readers

A website and a blog are almost the same thing as they both are available only on the internet with each having its unique address known as URL. But what differentiate them is "CONTENT, majorly ARTICLES". However just because a blog must contain lots of content doesn't mean it should be filled with gibberish articles, Of course, No!

What then is the type of Content to be published on a blog?

 The answer is simply "Quality Article"!

Quality Article has different definition according to people's perspective but the most common sentence used to define "Quality Article" is an article that teaches people something new or solves their problem.

And the only thing that can make this definition came true is when the Article in question is exciting or else, Visitors might lose interest.

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Instilling excitement in a blog-post is a very important factor and the key basic of a Quality Article as this is what will make the article to be of interest to readers.

Yet, Most content creators often make the mistake of writing lengthy post without including excitement tone or some kind of thrilling language in the post thus making the post seem boring to their readers.
    Excitement in this case might not be in form of the emotion of joy alone for readers, it might be curiosity; which is the spirit to read the post from the beginning till the end without getting bored of the topic.


1.The Post title: This is the first point of attraction that will decide whether a reader would want to read the full post or not. No matter how great your post body is, if the Post title is boring, Readers won't bother to click the title not to talk of wanting to read more about it.
 An example of a Post title is given below;

"How To Make Money Online" - Boring and Not Precise
"4 Ways You Can Earn Money Online With Your Skills" - Exciting and Precise

Before putting up a post title, take time to look at it over, and over again. Do also Ensure readers would know what to gain from the post simply by merely reading the title.

2. First Paragraph: The first paragraph is known as the "Introductory Paragraph" which welcomes a visitor before the post body. It is like an incentive that either "motivates" a visitor to continue reading the post or "discourage" him from reading the rest of the post body.
      When writing the first paragraph, try to spice it up acting like an introduction to the post body. Check sample below;

"Do you know you can make money online?! Making Money Online is real and i'll show you how to make money online right now" - Not Great :/

"Making Money with your Skills Online was consider as a myth many years ago but in this current age, lots of people had been accepted the fact that it is real. If you are still a doubting Thomas, this post you are about to read would reveal top  ways you can earn with your skills online" - Superb! :)

From the two samples given above, one is sure to bore most readers as it is too straightforward while the other would thrill readers to continue reading because of it's explanation and precision.

3. Images : How can you write a lengthy post and not including any Image/s in it?
Visual is more likely to grab people's attention than text and it is of no doubt that, using the right images would help your post to look more exciting for your readers. However if you are going to use an Image, you shouldn't use the type that would look bored to your readers consisting only of TEXT or maybe made of Low-quality resolution but that of an high quality resolution image.
You can grab some images at Pixabay.com or you create one by yourself using a good Image Creator Software. Whichever one you!decided to use, ensure you did not settle for less.

4. Post Body:  With the  three basic methods mentioned above, the remaining part of the contents which is the Post body is very Important. If you entice people with a great post titlean exciting first paragraph and a good quality Image BUT your post body is not quite okay, then you're bound to lose the trust of your site for returning visitors.

The post body must correlate with what your Post title is and at the end of the whole post, Visitor should be able to learn something or find solution to their problem!

These are the 4 Major Key Basics In A Quality Article That Excite Your Readers.

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