10 Fundamental Legit Reality/Truth About SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular term used by bloggers in the blogosphere and it simply does refer to as how search engine optimize your website or how you prepare your site for search engine to optimize it.

   No doubt, SEO is a very broad topic and if you are not careful, you might get lost during your journey of uncovering its mystery.

    However as complicated as SEO might seems like, it is very important for bloggers to know the basic part of it especially if you did really wants to move your blog to the next level.

Although articles on SEO have been written on several blogs online but we have garnered the list of the Fundamental Truth About SEO for you here.

10 Fundamental Truth About SEO Marketing

1. Content is King
      The first thing you should think of, before implementing SEO strategies is how to come up with Quality Content that either teaches people something new or solves their problem. Note that; Content start from your Post title, to the Post body and Image/s. This is the major fundamental truth about SEO marketing because Content is King! Primarily for a newbie blogger it seems weird or somewhat stressful.This days copy and pasting is rampant,this is very bad for SEO. 

The more you engage in this nefarious act, the more your blog/site gets blacklisted.Try to be unique and imitate professionalism even though you're not. If you feel you're too tired to write,try relaxing and skip for the next day while saving your work as draft. Continue from where you stopped previously and cook something great.Let your content wow your readers and Google will embarrass you with ranking.

2. Black Hat Rocks but Burns!
      We all want to achieve results faster and in the most easiest way, and that is why some people do go for Black hat SEO so they can achieve their SEO success faster! However I must warn you that although this might work well at first but believe it or not, it will later burn your hand in the end.
   Sadly, the aftermaths effects of Black-hat SEO might even be gruesome than what you'd expect of! My candid advice is for you to stay clear of black hat means of getting ranked or improving your SEO.

3. Your Blog's Design Plays a Part

   Just because we mentioned Number 1 doesn't mean you should focus TOO MUCH on creating contents and ignoring your blog's design. The template of your site also has a major role to play SEO and these includes but not limited to Post title before blog title, Meta description, Lightweight widgets, mobile responsive design, and etcetera.

4. Domain Age Matters
     One of the factor that determine the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) of a website is it's domain age. Search engines must have had this belief that once a domain had been existing for a long time on the cyberspace, then it can be trusted.
    In SEO, the age of the domain does really matter.

5. Publishing Post Frequency
       Are you the type that publish a post once in blue moon? I understand that you're trying to follow Rule Number 1 by creating Quality Content but that does not mean you should publish a post once in two months. Search Engine love a site that is frequently updated and you should try to maintain a consistent schedule as regards publishing post on your blog.

6. Image Title

         This part can sometimes be count as irrelevant but yet, it has its own role to play in Search Engine Optimization. Even It is possible for an Image title with keyword to fetch your post more traffic than a post title with keyword could even does.
     A case sample is a post i made on the meaning of five fingers in which the image went viral more than even the post itself as it was being shared on Pinterest and other image-sharing social platform!

7. First Post Paragraph

         While the introductory paragraph of a post, also known as the first paragraph  might seems innocent, it does also have a positive impact on your blog's SEO. After a post title is shown on Search Engine, the first paragraph is usually the snippet included hence it is best to make good use of this part.
     Try to put in keyword on the first paragraph and ensure it is related to your post title.

8. Quality Backlinks
        Backlinks simply means the sites linking to your blog and the more they are, the higher the level of your site's SEO. However when i mentioned the more, it doesn't mean you should be spilling your links on any site you see, No!
    The Quality of a Backlinks matter a lot than the Quantity of the Links.

9. Keywords

       If you have been following this post closely from the beginning to this part, you must have came across the word "keyword" at least four times. Keywords are the words usually in phrases that are used to describe a post and what it is all about/.
    In SEO Marketing, keywords are very important and are also used as ranking factor for a blog's SERP!

10. Add Yours

        What do you know or have heard somewhere, from someone as the fundamental truth About SEO? feel free to add yours using the comment box!


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