Uppercase or Lowercase?Master the Case!

The definition of capitalization is pretty simple. It can be the practice of getting certain letters  capitalized or upper-cased, when needed. Knowing if you should use proper capitalization basically as simple, especially for non-native English writers.
Uppercase or Lowercase?Master the Case!
When ever it comes to the issue of capitalization, you need to use the appropriate case since it lends to your credibility as a writer. If an article contains excessive capitalized words in unnecessary situations or positions, it is going to send a message of inexperience to the audience.
If a brand or proper name isn't effectively capitalized, it could send a negative or bad message to your esteem readers or potential first time visitors.it's highly essential to use the correct case if you must go far in your writing career!

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If you're unsure of when  you should use capitalization in your writing, review the rules and examples below to give you an improved idea.

Basic Rules

==>1: Beginning of a Word/Sentence
Always capitalize the first letter of a phrase in the beginning of your sentence.

==>2: The Pronoun "I"
Always capitalize the pronoun "I" and the variations: I'll, I'm, We have, I'd.

Rules of Correct Adjective

A proper noun is different from a common noun in that it refers to a specific, distinctive person, place or thing, rather than generic person, place or thing. These include:

==>3: Names of People
Monetize public figures, specific people, and specific nicknames.

Uppercase: Mother Theresa, Stephen California king, my sister Amanda, my friend Scooter
Lowercase: charity worker, writer, sister or friend (when used generically)

==>4: Names of Locations
Capitalize landmarks, buildings, physical regions, cities, states, countries, and continents.

Uppercase: Central Park, Willis Tower, North West, Los Angeles, California, Canada, Europe
Lowercase: the park, the building, departed, city, state, country, region

==>5: Names of Companies
Capitalize political, government, nationwide, racial, social, civil, spiritual, and athletic groups.

Uppercase: American Red Cross, Tranquility Corps, New York Yankees, Chinese, Democrats
Lowercase: community, charity, the baseball team, politicians

==>6: Brands
Monetize specific product names, brands of companies, names of websites, and trademarked words.

Uppercase: Kleenex, Apple, ipad tablet, Yahoo!, McDonald's
Lowercase: flesh, cola, tablet, cheeseburger

==>7: Dates
Capitalize days of the week, months of the year, and getaways.

Uppercase: Monday, December, Halloween parties
Lowercase: today, next month, the party

==>8: Family Members
Capitalize the labels of family members if you are using the family subject in place of their real name; and cash in their family title when it's part with their name.

Uppercase: I love Mother. / My Great aunt Mary is funny.
Lowercase: I like my mother. as well as My aunt is funny.

==>9: Professional Titles
Dont forget to identify professional titles when they precede a name, but not following a name.

Uppercase: You should call Creciente Jones.
Lowercase: I called John Jones, mayor of Rockville.

==>10: Shortened varieties
An acronym is an abbreviation for a longer time phrase represented by series of letters. Shortened forms should be capitalized.

Uppercase: SEO, MLM, JPEG, MLB, ATM
Lowercase: Not many exclusions because acronyms often cancel proper nouns.

Ultimately, the rules of capitalization include many more scenarios depending on unique situations. In this list, I have included the most crucial rules as a way to ensure every person/Author,writer has a grasp on the case of capitalization.

Furthermore, I strongly advice you do your best to work with correct case when writing and also to stay away from capitalization when it isn't needed.

We all realize it can be tricky; if you're not sure, do your research , dont hesitate to ask!

Do you have any questions about capitalization in specific instances? Comment below!

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