Top and Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs To Earn Online

Previously on this blog, i shared pre-tips on learning how to make money online but today we'd be looking into one of the best methods to earn money online which is Affiliate Marketing.
     Affiliate Marketing is another popular method to earn money online and its the way of recommending products/services and getting commission from it.

    For Instance; if you had a blog that talks about technology, you can decides to join Amazon affiliate program and display some of their products on your blog. Whenever a user click on it and buys via your special link, you would earn a commission and once it had reached a certain amount, you would be able to withdraw the money you have accumulated so far.
  Pretty simple! Isn't it?

Since there are lots of affiliate programs out there in which you might get overwhelmed by them, I've decided to share some of the top and best ones.

Top and Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Amazon - Amazon affiliate program is almost the oldest affiliate marketing program in this list as it had been existing for a very long time with its fame majorly in the United States. Amazon has a wide ranges of products thus making it easier for you to choose the one that suits you. You can promote their products using image widget, text links or native ads. 
   For more information about Amazon product, Click here to join.

2. Konga - Konga is the biggest Nigeria online store where people can buy or sell products. Their products ranges from Accessories, Clothes, Phones, Computers, and etcetera. By joining Konga affiliate program, you get to promote any of these products that you like and enjoy commission on sales.

3. Jumia - Jumia is an online store just like Konga but the difference is; While Konga covers Nigeria, Jumia covers in and outside of Nigeria. That means you can promote product not only related to Nigerian only but also to non-Nigerians. Signup here

4. Namecheap - Namecheap is an online web and hosting company which had been existing for a very long time and is well known for quality support. If your blog is meant for "webmasters", you can join Namecheap Affliate program and promote their products. 
   Products in this case means "domain name purchasing" and "hosting services"

5. Okadabooks - If your site is all about poetry, or short stories, then you can monetize your site with the Okadabooks affliate program. Okadabooks is an online store that connect Story Writers with Readers by displaying Stories in e-book format for sale. You can signup with Okadabooks here to get started

6. Bluehost - Bluehost is an hosting company that sells hosting package to Webmasters. According to an online report, bluehost affliate marketing program rewards those who promote them with a good commission. 

7. eBay - eBay is somewhat similar to Amazon but after comparing and contrasting, majority accept there are quite number of differences between them. To join eBay affiliate program, click here.

8. Domainking - Before the recent issue and uproar, Domainking is one of Nigeria's biggest web and hosting company. However since they're currently offline, we won't recommend you join the affliate program

9. iTunes - With iTunes affliate program, you get to promote millions of songs and thousands of apps, books and movies. You can join iTunes program here to get started.

10. Add Yours - Have you joined an affliate program before, let me know via the comment box 

Bottom Line - Do not join 3 affiliate programs at once so you won't get overwhelmed. Do simply read this post carefully to see the one that suits you, apply to join and start promoting!

  Best of luck


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