The lessons I learned when I Made $500 in a Single Month

Today I’m going to share exclusively 2 vivid lessons I learned when I made $500 (plus) in a single month. Without much delay, every blogger blogs and writes for money. You might blog for money as an additional or main income, when you achieve a target, it will definitely without doubts activates your power and strength to keep moving on.
The lessons I learned when I made $500 in a Single Month

Most significantly, it will ignite and stabilize continual happiness and teach you more lessons. I have published a post few weeks ago on How to Earn 10 Dollars Per Day from Adsense in 2017.You might find interest in reading it.
I have been on a journey to stabilize my monthly income especially from Google Adsense and sponsored Review/Post from clients. It took me almost two years to earn my first $100 from Google Adsense. However, I have  been receiving monthly payments from Google for a year now. All efforts to increase my earnings in previous years were not fruitful.

Luckily, I recently conducted some experiments/Lab work online and how to increase income, the result  was successful.

Imagine how 2 clicks can generate $26

You  can see the earnings from the last 7 days @ $205.80. This is just from a single  blog. Other detailed earnings withheld due to personal/adsense display reasons. 

At least if you can average $10 daily, then you're good to go. Thats what you should be doing online and stop wasting time.
What kills most people is when they see earnings of $1000 to $5000 monthly from top bloggers that have spent 4-6 years in the business with dedication and hard work. you think, you can just wake up one morning and start making those set of dollars they're making. its not possible my brother. You have to start from $5 to at least $10 per day.  

So can you make this amount of money, although little? Oh yes! Thats very possible, just engage in good keyword research using  LongTailPro. The keyword research tool am currently using to average $5-20  per clicks. 

LongTailpro is the best profitable niche keywords for bloggers. LongTailPro for $1 trial — USE THIS LINK FOR 30% OFF. 

There are other free Keyword tools if you're just starting, there are also good;
 Google keyword plannerIt’s effectively designed for advertising. 

However, you can use it to research organic keywords by appropriately customizing your results for one of your competitors.

KWFinderUndoubtedly a long tail keyword research tool with an enviable and comprehensive interface.It practically shows you available trend, search volume, CPC, and possible level of difficulty in live results.

keywordtoolPowerful Keyword Tool That Helps You Find The Keywords That People Are Typing Into Google Search Box.

Traffic Conversion power
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Honestly, if I may ask this question, how are we converting incoming visitors and make money from them? Are you using Adsense? how much  are you currently making monthly? How are you converting your users to make them click on the ads and make money from Adsense (Although, fraudulent act of ads clicking request is not needed. Yet,  you can’t proportionally ask them to click on your ads). 

For affiliate marketers,promoters. If 10 people buy your products out of 100 visitors, this absolutely means that your conversion rate is 10%. Is this what you're getting?

The end of it all gives birth to quality and converting traffic. It doesn’t  entirely depends on the page views or traffic stats of your blog, but what matters is, how much money are you making from your blog/website? This doesn't entirely means getting 10,000 to 50,000 daily wouldn't do well. Offcourse it will, at this point you've practically achieved greatness and success online. 

To make money online especially in blogging or from your niche site, you dont need excess traffic that doesn't converts. You can have quality unique 50 visitors daily with 3 clicks that gives you $15.

That is 3x $5 ==15.  Mathematically $15 x 30 days=$450. At least from here you can build extra means of increasing your revenue and targeting $1000 -$5000 monthly.

However, I usually demand that you Get Quality Back links,It has help me tremendously.
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What if your traffic is 100 or 500-100,000 daily and this traffic is actually a converting traffic. You will be smiling to the bank.


Maybe you have tried all the above methods but its not working. Let me help you. With 5,000. I will show you what to do exactly to make at least $200 monthly.If you dont, request for a return instantly.

 Delay is dangerous! Dont waste anymore time online without smiling to the bank. Love you all. 

For fast response, use my contact form above to call me  or text me.

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It will cost you only $50/5000. Alternatively you can get in touch with me through the contact page.

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Chemist,Science and Tech blogger. Research enthusiast and chief defender.Blogging is fun and sharing knowledge makes true happiness valid. Have fun while your here.

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