Start a New Blog Today; TOP Places to Buy Cheap Domain Names

TOP Places to Buy Cheap Domain Names
Do you need cheap or almost free domain names for your new blog? Do you know you can run your blog/business for as low as 0.00$ ? Welcome to the millionaires blogging domain. I trust you will drop your comments after reading this. please do and also share with friends and family members if you have one.
Domain registrars  practically helps you to add your domain name to any of the domain registries. Domain registrars have an interface that makes registration of domain names easy, and they also offer other services. This piece of writing will cover top and cheapest places to buy domain names. Grab a cup of tea or star lager bear and relax. Few days back , i wrote about The Relevance of Blogging in Everyone’s life. I strongly believe as a new blogger you will love it. If you did after reading it, kindly give me a shout out!!!

In Nigeria there are lots of sites to buy cheap domain names but due to lack of expert guidelines or consistency, most bloggers run to foreign domain  providers. (I.e. international domain registrars). We have so many domain name registrars, so it’s typically a matter of choice and credibility to select a domain name for your business or personal website. 

Domain name might also vary depending on the nature or type of value added services in need. Honestly, you need to get yourself conversant with keywords like the domain names, domain names transfer, ssl certificate, email, DNS, privacy and many others. Currently, domain registrars also offer web hosting services and may not be free though. Don’t be too perturbed by my usage of domain registrar, domain names can’t be extensively discussed without its inclusion.

So below are top online companies/ sites to buy cheap and affordable domain names. I have not hosted or bought domain names from some of them, although convincing report/research has proven their worth, they  all offer great services to their client.


1 and 1 provides the best and cheapest domain services in the world. In fact, when I first stumble on 1&1, I decided to give them a trial. So far I have not been disappointed. 1&1 is one of the world’s leading Web hosting providers and provide a platform where domain  names can be bought for 0.0$. Buy now and stop wasting time

1&1 presently offers a wide range of Web hosting products and services, including email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. With 1 &1, creating a dedicated and professional email for your blog/business is as simple as the cost entails.
Godaddy is one of the top domain name registration site/company in the world. They offer .NG domain names, they are no doubt the world most used domain name registrar, Godaddy offer bulk domain name search features which can be search by clicking bulk domain search link, they also offer free email and webpage plus called instant page powered by Godaddy. They have good customer care in case you have any issues with your website they are always ready to help and don’t charge much.

They are one of the biggest domain names registrars and hosting company in Nigeria. They offer services like domain names, web hosting, web design and ssl certificate, they have competitive prices offer for .ng,, .com and many.

Domainking offers both hosting and domain names, so if you are looking for hosting and domain names to buy for your business or personal website you can try Domainking. But I wouldn’t advise you to use Domainking for hosting your business website that has millions of traffic daily, but you can use them for your personal blog and you wouldn’t regret it. They also offer well and quality customer care in case you have any issues. Currently Domainking are having issues, but they will honestly will back soon, trust my judgment.

Smartweb is another Nigeria domain name registrar, were you can buy cheap domain names. Most times, once you order for webhosting, a free domain name is attached. Although their website are quiet expensive to use, but if I have a business website/blog, I would definitely buy host with them which comes with free domain name. Sincerely, you can count on Smartweb, there have great and standard response service, they also offer good and quality customer care. I would recommend Smartweb.

One thing I love with this registrar is their name “who go host” funny right, they are currently one of the best interface and their website look very attractive. Many website owners prefer whogohost because of their offer on web-hosting, domain names, email marketing, search engine optimization, web designing and many more services. They offer quality customer care services. If you need a long lasting domain name, kindly visit Whogohost.

7. UPPERLINK.NG has their location at alausa, ikeja in Lagos. They have been around for quite a while now but not very popular like other domain name registrars, they are really doing great in the domain selling business. They offer great and quality services including their customer care. Their pricing is on the better side.

Namecheap is another domain registrar, a perfect place to buy cheap domain names and hosting for your blog. Namecheap as the name implies offers quality services to their client, they offer both domain names and web hosting, they also have mobile app where you download from their app store or apple store for easy access. They offer transfer services were by you can transfer your domain names to them. Namecheap have a good rate of customers reviews on them with 4.6 out of 5 on 733544 real customer ratings and reviews by shopper approved, they also offer great services.

Nairadomain offers a 30 days money back in case you don’t like their services. They provide you with secure and instant domain registration on like other platform, you can host with them and it o the cheaper side they have one of the friendly customer care.

Web4africa offer .ng domain names at a subsidize rate, they accept payment in naira and their services are very cheap, I wouldn’t advices you host with them though, but you can buy domain from them at a cheap rate.

This is undoubtedly a new domain company. Whether you are looking for a reliable, fast and flexible domain name, web hosting service or a practical confidential server, an exceedingly scalable cloud platform or a well-organized and secure email support system that offers all project class features, Garanntor is the best place in Nigeria that fits such criteria. Garanntor also offer bulk domain name search features which can be search by clicking bulk domain search link as seen below.

Last but not the least, they operate a 3r model of operation, registry, registrar or registrant they don’t register domain directly. They also offer .ng names. According to information gathered from their website, NiRA is the registry for .ng Internet Domain Names and the maintains the database of names registered in the .ng country code Top Level Domain. NiRA is a self-regulating body and managers of the .ng national resource, the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) name space in the public interest of Nigeria and global internet communities. Visit them today and feel their impact.

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