How I Increased My Blog Earnings With Payoneer Master Card.

Payoneer master card has been extremely helpful. Payoneer Master Card is an international Master card issued to bloggers and freelancers free of charge. Payoneer currently wires over 200+ countries, so where you are from doesn’t really counts; from experience, it serves well and much better than skrill, PayPal or Payza and for some countries residents it is the basic option.
credit: Payoneer

Bloggers and freelancers now have the privilege to smile while their bank alerts are trending positively. Over the last few years, online entrepreneurs especially bloggers, freelance writers and affiliate marketers have been kept in a blackout loop .Getting paid for work well done has always been a problem.
 All thanks to payoneer, Smiles have been the order of the day. Most foreign payment platform are not friendly with Nigerians, but that notwithstanding, it will change sooner or later. The fundamental aspect is that it doesn't stop us from making the dollars. In spite of all this gate shield and restrictions, payoneer stood up to the task and created an unbiased payment gateway that is easy, flexible and accessible to all, including Nigerians.

The benefit of payoneer payment system through payoneer master card is endless and can't be over emphasized. 

=>How I received my payoneer master card from the comfort of my home.

I applied for payoneer master card once and got approved instantly. However, receiving the master card was somewhat a problem because of address issues. In Nigeria, our address system is not well coordinated and as a result, we hardly experience smooth items delivery. But that is no longer a problem, because I was able to receive mine from the nearest post office after making a request for the payoneer card twice.

Below are few benefits of payoneer master card:
1.Check around the web, no payment platform currently offer this unbeatable service. Sending you a valid master card and getting rewarded at the same time. You will get the benefit of earning $25 for free when you apply for the payoneer card especially through my referral link. As can be seen above, this will happen when your account accumulates up to $100.

2. Easily receive payments from thousands of companies directly to your Payoneer Account: Most foreign companies around the world are partnered with Payoneer for sending mass payments. With payoneer, you don’t have to worry about getting paid for services rendered. The most important part is that you can easily withdraw this money from your local ATM channel. However, you do not require a bank account to withdraw your money from Payoneer. From reviews conducted, once a withdrawal is made across any ATM terminal, a subsidized fee of $1.35 will be charge for those currently domiciled outside US and $2.50 for those within the US. However, bear in mind that fees by the ATM service provider will apply.

3. The Payoneer master card is free of charge and it will be delivered to your home address/office address free of charge without any extra charges. If after registration and making request, you don’t receive it from the comfort of your home. Kindly visit the nearest post office to collect it. That was how I collected mine.

4. With payoneer master card you can afford to Buy Anything and everything Online: You can use the payoneer card to buy anything online from major ecommerce shopping sites like AliExpress, Bestbuy, Gearbest, Ebay, Amazon etc without any restriction. Online shopping is fun when you have the right materials.

5. Payoneer is currently integrated with top Freelancing websites. Virtually all the freelancing websites have the Payoneer MasterCard withdrawal option. Sites like,, Upwork, oDesk and Fiverr among others. Payoneer currently stands as one of the best withdrawal options in these sites.

6. Withdraw Money from PayPal Using Your Payoneer Card: Payoneer has a US Payment Service previously known as US Virtual Account. With this you are given a virtual US account number. For those who are eligible for this service, you will be expected to add this account number to PayPal. For those who use it, because am yet to give it a trial. it is the ONLY option which enables withdrawal of funds from PayPal under normal circumstance, meaning they have to click on “Withdraw” on their PayPal accounts, follow the prompts action and the money goes to your Payoneer MasterCard. Which will be ready for withdrawal?

7. Uncharged Payoneer to Payoneer fund transfer: Like I said earlier, payoneer offers unbeatable service like never before. Similar payment gateways or platform like PayPal or Skrill have a small service charge for either sending or receiving payments. As a result, if you’re sending cash to your friend who also has a Payoneer account, you’ll do it at absolutely no extra charge deduction. This is one of the best services ever. You can give it trial.

8. Payoneer also has the best customer service support. Send them a mail and you will get a response within seconds or minute.I can bet my blog on that.sure you will be satisfy by their service.

Are you struggling with paypal, skrill or other payment system? I advise you to switch to payoneer because that’s the trending payment system now. With your payoneer master card, you can buy anything and everything online from anywhere in the world, just from the comfort of your home or office. In addition, you will receive a free $25 just from signing up and when you load and make a transaction up to $100 both you and me will make money.With payoneer you will also be able to send money without limit to your friends, family or freelancers free of charge as long as they have a Payoneer account. Furthermore, if you’re an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn free $25 whenever you refer someone and they recharge or transact up to $100. From research, most payoneer top affiliates get $50 from their referral.

If you haven’t signup already kindly do that by using my payoneer signup link here. In case you have issues receiving your payoneer master card. Hire me to get it delivered to your door step within two weeks for a token fee ($20). But for those who signup with my referral links will be free without charges.

4 Key Basics of Quality Article Writing to Excite Your Readers

A website and a blog are almost the same thing as they both are available only on the internet with each having its unique address known as URL. But what differentiate them is "CONTENT, majorly ARTICLES". However just because a blog must contain lots of content doesn't mean it should be filled with gibberish articles, Of course, No!

10 Fundamental Legit Reality/Truth About SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular term used by bloggers in the blogosphere and it simply does refer to as how search engine optimize your website or how you prepare your site for search engine to optimize it.

Top 6 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging

Have you finally decided to start a new blog? If yes! there is something called niche blogging.What exactly is niche blogging? Starting a blog with profitable niche is the idea behind this post. Many bloggers out there are making real money online and  earning productively by selecting a good niche.

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. This niche market can be Health, Entertainment, technology,Blogging,Investment & Finance,Make money. To understand the relevance of blogging,you need to chose the right and perfect niche

Choosing  the appropriate niche is the prime example behind successful blogging. Based on research and experience, about 60% of new bloggers make this mistakes repeatedly. For success to be achieved in blogging,you need to understand which niche will suite your expertise.

Before you start writing, you must be aware of the right niche to start with. The most important step in blogging is trying to find out what readers needs from your blog, after knowing your target audience and what are the most profitable keywords and how you can make money with your blogs.

With that been said, what are the most profitable niches in the world today? and how can you start blogging with them and earn money real quick?

Below is a list of my top 5 profitable niches :

1. Money and Business Niche
My blog may be new or contains few articles/blog post but will be a great help for other upcoming entrepreneurs and bloggers. The money and business niche shows how to earn money in online or offline using diverse methods. This virtually shows the ways of earning money  as an entrepreneur. Every blogger want to earn few bucks but this niche will be helpful for those who want to start a business or want to earn money in different ways.You can check out my list of successful entrepreneurs online.

Practically speaken, most online entrepreneurs are doing great;you can see from my list. This niche shows us the different ways of making money or guide us to earn money. As well as most business niche. This business niches honestly needs experience for writing killer posts on how to start a business or how to run a business . So, if you want to venture into business niche, you need a lot of experience or rather you need to employ experts with lots of experience in writing killer articles in order to build your market.

If you give away tips that are worthwhile, your blog will catch the attention of the users very quickly and you start your earnings.

2. Health Niche
Health is a major priority, although  to some, it doesn't matter. A health blog can cover diverse health related topic such as nutrition and digest, weight control and diseases, analysis about health, business of health and health research. Health niche is at number one in most profitable niche list. 
Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. According to Buddha
Generally, health blogs can be broadly categorized as either a personal journal domain or an information  blog. Among others, basic sub-niches include the following:

Hair loss/Hair growth
Weight loss/diet blogs
Nutrition and food blogs
Disease and disorder blogs
Training and exercise blog

From what you can see above, this sub niches will help readers and visitors, most especially by getting care  and related advice for their health and all together you can also earn a huge sum of money on it by promoting valuable/rich products through affiliate marketing.

3. Blogging Tutorials Niche
Starting a blogging tutorial blog is a great way of transferring (or) sharing knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. Blogging with tutorials niche also will be a great Blog to help new bloggers & readers. Every one will be facing a problem with their blogs. Commonly encountered problems will be How Tos, scripts, Meta tag issues,coding, HTML, widgets, writing gadgets, SEO, etc.These tutorials offered in your blog will be helpful for many upcoming new bloggers who choose blogging as their passion..

Tutorials on great topics involving revealing eBooks, starting a blog, videos by our co-bloggers will definitely help others in affirming their standpoint and equillibrating their decision  for becoming a  blogger. Tutorials in turn will help to increase earnings and subsequently more revenue will be generated especially through Google Adsense and by getting help from blogging tips and tutorials.

This has  practically grown to one of the most common niches to earn money online.I usually advice new bloggers to start with the blogspot platform.However, if you're good with coding or have someone to do all the work for you.I recommend  the WordPress blog.

4. Ultimate Technology Niche

It is currently no doubt that technology  is rapidly changing the global market at  an unprecedented rate. Technology niche is by far to me the most lucrative, especially the auto cars , insurance, mobile apps, PC, Androids etc. This technology niche shows the companies that have specialized in manufacturing these gadgets.

By providing these useful information about latest gadgets and latest tech tips in this niche can really help for those who really want to know about the latest innovations occurring in the technology.

Propagating  useful and great content regarding gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, blackberry, iPhones, iPad, android, etc can help  in generating good and handsome cash in this  niche.

5.Life hacks Blogs
Life hacks niche provide us with basic information on how to improve awareness and identity, maximize time and be prudent, how to develop talents and potential, How to turn passion into money and live life to the fullest, build human capital and facilitate employ-ability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

The most common sub-niches include:
=>Leadership development
=>success signals
=>Self esteem
=>personal development
=>Career development
=>Life coaching

Life hack niche will really help especially to improve in areas of personal life experiences and redefine  lives with good motions/signals and happiness and will also help in improving our skills and analyzing Pros and cons of our individual life. Good life hacks and personal development blogs are abound.So you have to know your core passion before choosing your niche to avoid stories that touches the heart.

6. Entertainment Blogs

The entertainment niche seems to be making the hit in recent times. Although i do not agree to the fact that the entertainment niche is the most profitable. But for the sake of this  review, I will be placing it at number 6 spot. If you love celebrity gossips and exciting stories, this is where you can thrive. You can fabricate latest gist about sizzling romance between celebrities  which will always catch the attention of many youths,adults and the aged especially in Nigeria. Celebrity hook up, break up, hang out, and Gossips, award nights, top 10 Nigerian films and music, etc are important subjects that catch the attention of many Nigerians especially the youths. Lots of money can be generated from this niche.A typical example is linda ikeji, she makes millions from here entertainment blog on a monthly start from somewhere.

Yes, who wouldn’t like to hear who Tuface Idibia  is dating ? Or has impregnated?

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Benjamin Franklin Wise, Man, Healthy
Now your turn:
I've shared with you the top 6 most profitable niches that are highly profitable based on my own opinion as a blogger. If you have any other niche in mind that you think should make this list, please use the comment box below.!


1st Edition of Blogging/Online Income Generation Seminar Live In Akwa Ibom State

I'm Johnson Ofonimeh, A young Chemist, Online Entrepreneur and Blogger. Socialize with me either on:

 I am organizing a 2 day power packed seminar/training for Akwa Ibom Citizens/young entrepreneurs and those who seek to make $200 monthly and extra N100,000 as you so desire, it all depends on you.

After attending this seminar and you’re not convinced or satisfied, request for a total refund of your registration fee and do what so ever you feel for been deceived by me!!


1.       How to kick-start a profitable blogging career and ways to monetize your blog and earn at least $100 monthly from Google Adsense. Just as I do

This will include top secretes on how to generate $2-$10 per Adsense clicks
Earnings from 3 clicks
2.       Ways to generate at least 1000 daily traffic  to your blog

3.       Easy and simple steps to create a website/blog for companies, church and schools without stress in 1/2 weeks. Using the current and trending platform.

4.       Do you know how to write anything interesting, funny, weird and captivating? What do you think you know how to do best? What so ever you know how to do, come and discover how to make at least $500 monthly from the comfort of your home/office/comfort zone.

5.       This comes in day(2).How to produce Paints (Gloss, Text coat, Emulsion). Chief Coach/Instructor=>Mr Akanimo Inyang

If you miss this seminar/training holding here in UYO, then you will have yourself to be blame.

For those that will not be able to attend physically, kindly indicate interest by giving me a call or text.I will personally tell you what to do next.

NOTE: The first 10 people will get their domain and blog registered and optimized for maximum earning by myself for a month.

Registration Fee: #5000

DATE: (sat-sun) May 13TH  &  14TH 2017.

VENUE: E-library, Ibb Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

PAYMENT DETAILS: A/Name=>Johnson ofonimeh, A/NO=>2064705639


CALL THIS PHONE NOS : 08162534441,07011461284 

Important Information: No payment will be accepted at the Venue or day of training/seminar. All prospective participants are to make payments and forward their Full names and Email address/Phone number for seat reservation. 

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How to Master the Traits of Savvy Successful Business Owners

Grasping the reality of this current hard-hitting full-blown economic downstream is not an easy task. How you rationally deal with it will determine your ultimate.  

300+ List of Small and Medium Scale Business You Can Start With and Make Money

A business is simply an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.
MUST READ:How to Successfully Carry Out Self Employment Assessment
Virtually, all business requires investment and sufficient customers/clients to whom its output/products can be  continually sold in order to maximize profit. However, lots of small and medium scale businesses abound. Rather than looking at big businesses with huge profits, start with this small business and build it up.With consistency and basic skills required, it will grow to become what you never expected.
300+ Exhaustive List of Small and Medium Scale Business You Can Start With and Make Money
Below is an exhaustive list of 300+ small and medium scale business which you can start now and make money. Scan through and chose the one that suits your passion and desire.

1. Fruit juice

2. Soya milk

3. Ice cream

4. Yogurt

5. Tea shop

6. Chocolate drink

7. Custard powder

8. Wine making

9. Zobo drink

10. Ginger drink

11. Purified water

12. Brewery malt from sorghum

13. Fruit jam


14. Powered soap (Detergents)

15. Laundry/Bar soap

16. Shaving powder

17. Toothpaste

18. Body cream/lotion

19. Catfish hatching and fry production

20. Sheep farming and management

21. Beekeeping

22. Edible mushroom cultivation

23. Piggery farming and management

24. Snail farming

25. Livestock production and packaging\

26. Goat farming

27. Grass-cutter farming

28. Bone crushing, Bone Meal

29. Cotton seed oil

30. Glue from tannery waste

31. Leather tanning

32. Hand bags

33. Leather footwear

34. Cybercafe

35. Business center with telephone service

36. Daycare Center

37. Beauty salon

38. Laundry services

39. Tutorial/coaching classes

40. Health/fitness center

41. Used/consigned clothes boutique

42. Shoe shining stall

43. Events management (parties/promotions, etc.)

44. Travel agencies and tour services

45. Courier service

46. Recruitment agency

47. Professional consultancy services

48. Cab services

49. Party rentals

50. Sports shop

51. Screen printing on T-shirts, mugs, etc.

52. Bridal shop

53. Software development and sales

54. Vehicle service center

55. Water supply service

56. Language translation

57. Video production service

58. Block molding industry

59. Upholstery cleaning

60. Cloth weaving/design

61. Sandwich delivery service

62. Radio cab agency

63. Contract resource person

64. Hotel/lodging bureau

65. Cartoonist

66. Childbirth instructor

67. Overseas study consultant

68. Comedy writer

69. Make-up artist

70. Mobile books/magazines distributor

71. Fitness trainer

72. Story teller

73. Real estate agent

74. Motor vehicle transportation

75. Air bush artist

76. Actor/actress

77. Advertising sales representative

78. Auto maintenance

79. Book collating/binding/sewing

80. Carpet, rug/upholstery cleaning

81. Cooking class instructor

82. Old people’s home

83. Desktop publisher

84. Direct marketing/sales

85. Mobile hair salon

86. Motivational speaker

87. Political campaign manager

88. Recreational activities consultant

89. Fruits/vegetables farmer

90. Freelance writer/editor/illustrator

91. Herb/flower farming

92. Interior designer

93. Standardized test preparation

94. Video rental service

95. Travel agent

96. Window washing service

97. Employment Agency

98. Clearing/forwarding agency

99. Driving instructor

100.Business plan writer/packager

101.Computer consultant

102.Web designer

103.Orphanage management

104.Executive search firm

105.Mobile disc jockeying service

106.Pet breeding

107.Photocopying service

108.Public pay phone service

109.Digital color separation

110.Photo Lab

111.Art Gallery

112.Security Agency

113.House painting

114.Banquet facilities


116.Fashion designing

117.Floral shop

118.Landscape designing

119.Music recording studio

120.Stock brokering

121.Non-governmental organization (NGO)

122.Sign writer

123.Lithographic printing service

124.Landscape designing

125.Musician (session man)


127.Sport consultant

128.Stand up comedian


130.Shoe maker

131.General contractor

132.Environmental cleaning service

133.Auditing specialist

134.Insurance brokers

135.Art gallery

136.Automotive parts shop


137.Beef filled sausages

138.Scotch egg/fish sausages

139.Doughnut/egg ball

140.Cake making and dressing

141.Margarine production

142.Honey jam production

143.Restaurant business

144.Food preservation

145.Bread production

146.Biscuit/chin-chin production

147.Condiments and spices

148.Roasted cashew nuts

149.Food delivery services

150.Frozen food shop

151.Indoor and outdoor catering services

152.Body lotion

153.Body jelly

154.Medicated soap


156.Hair cream

157.Aloe vera gel

158.Hair setting lotion


159.Processed plantain

160.Herbs farming and exporatation

161.Snail exportation

162.Ornamental fish exportation

163.Palm kernel oil exporation

164.Dehydrated and powered vegetable exportation

165.Production and export of gum Arabic

166.Cashew processing

167.Herbal tea production for hypertension

168.Herbal farming

169.Vegetable growing

170.Fruit shop

=>Other products
171.Nylon/Plastic Making

172.Waste recycling

173.Polythene shopping bags production

174.Chalk making

175.Batik tie and dye

176.Lithographic printing

177.Making lacquer, wood polish and wood glue

178.Production of rubber spare parts

179.Flexible foam production

180.Specialized computer training service

181.Millinery (ladies’ hats production)

182.Book publishing/Binding

183.Balloon decoration

184.Shoe factory

185.Disinfectant production

186.Dealing in ready-made clothing

187.Safety matches production

188.Dressing mirror and glassware production

189.Air freshener production

190.Sale of plumbing materials

191.Electrical contractor/electrician

192.Saw milling

193.Photo frame production

194.Raffia/cane furniture making

195.Gift basket making

196.Briquette of saw dust for fuel

197.Wooden blackboard

198.Mechanized fishing boats

199.Metal working

200.Ball pens production

201.Water packaging

202.Running of schools

203.Hostel accommodation service

204.Mattresses/beddings business

205.Plumbing service

206.Furniture making

207.Baby clothing/baby things production

208.Sewage disposal service

209.Decoration business

210.Restaurants/catering service

211.Toilet roll/serviette production

212.Photography (studio/outdoor)

213.Imparting specialized skills

214.Barbing salon

215.Vegetable farming

216.Liquid air freshener production

217.Vegetable oil production

218.Bureau de change

219.Hotel/lodging bureau

220.Sandwich delivery service

221.Radio cab agency

222.Contract resource person


223.Marshal art instructor

224.Video games center

225.Sale of telecommunication equipment

226.Online money making business

227.Organizing seminars

228.Architectural services

229. GSM Business (sale/accessories)


231.Website designing

232.Mobile phone repair

233.Software developer

234.Waste-paper export

235. Jewelry & Beads making

236.Show promoter

237.Starch production

238.Groundnuts production

239.Activated carbon production

240.Wood charcoal production

241.Seas food processing

242.Modern cattle breeding

243.Pest control service

244.Processing cocoa for export

245.Cassava processing

246.Rabbit farming and management

247.Poultry farming

248.Cassava chips production

249.Candle production

250.Business support services

251.Stock market investment management

252.Agriculture researcher

253.Herb growing

254.Flower growing

255.Flower arranging

256.Gardening consultant

257.Grass-cutter breeding

258.Poultry feeds production

259.Antiques dealing

260.Cake baking

261.Typesetting service

262.Children’s outing organizer

263.Wrought iron works

264.Car washing service

265.Carpet shampooing

266.Home catering

267.Clothing repair services

268.Doll making

269.Mailing services

270.Business Registration Agent

271.Credit control management

272.Driving instructor

273.Duplicating service

274.Equipment hire service

275.Interior decoration

276.Greeting cards production

277.Search service

278.Legal services

279.Computer repairs

280.Parking space rentals

281.Sale of used electronic appliances

282.Phone call center

283.Food packaging

284.Network marketing

285.Refuse disposal service

286.Foreign language instructor

287.Telecommunication consultant

288.Rice milling

289.Bar/tavern running

290.Craft bags production

291.Promotional sales/fair organizing

292.Graphic designer

293.Work clothes production/sale

294.Palm oil milling

295.Coconut processing

296.Barbeque shop

297.Thrift collector

298.Medical/surgical equipment retailing

299.Translation service

300.Honey/wax production

301.Music lessons

302.Farm implements

303.Cotton towel

304.Venture capitalist

305.Sale of phone recharge cards

306.Advert canvasser

307.On-line job placement


How to Successfully Carry Out Self Employment Assessment

Self Employment Assessment
Free photos-Pixabay
Honestly, if you ask me I strongly believe everyone should have a business. It doesn’t matter how large or small it might be, because the benefit of owning your own business is limitless.

How to Get a Loan from a Bank

How to Get a Loan from a Bank

Preparing a good feasibility report is one of the most important steps you should take if you need a bank to finance your proposed business. The same is true if you are planning to expand your existing business.

Major Component of an Article for Publication

Writing quality articles is not as easy as you think. Waking up early in the morning, trying to cook up something very special can be worrisome. Although for pros like Bamidele, it’s an exciting experience. According to William Wheeler, a journalist and author”Good writing is clear thinking made visible." 
Major Component of an Article for Publication
Photo credit: Pixabay, free photo 
However, the basic truth in article writing is that without much headache, quality write-ups can still come out of that cloudy/porous head of yours. All you have to do is be focus, be consistent and apply wisdom. Recall, All good and thrilling writing begins with awful first efforts. You need to start somewhere.
Honestly, each unique article you write and submit consists of different components and portions. While some sections generates practical results others don’t; each section must be crafted carefully and with convincing experience, even if you don’t have. Honestly, a great article can increase traffic to your website. A great article is divided into the following sections:

  =>Title of the Article
  =>Keywords of the Article
  =>Article Synopsis
  => Article Body
  =>Carefully written Bio for the Article Author

 Article title: This is actually the large heading that is been displayed above the article's content and forms the basis for the article's page name and web/blog address. Article title should be as straightforward, understandable and precise as possible The title of an article reveal to users what the article is primarily about and differentiate it from any other article with similar titles.

Keywords of the article:  An article keyword is in general, a word or phrase that is a topic of importance or relevance. Potential searchers use keywords as search identifier and express their difficulty or topic in which they’re practically seeking for more information. To make it easy for most article searches in blogs, it is required that writers/authors select 2-5 keywords (or phrases) to accompany their articles.

Article synopsis:  Synopsis tends to convey the narrative arc, and gives perfect enlightenment of the problem or plan, the characters, and how the article will end. As a result, this ensures proper character connections and projections.

Article Body: The body of an article is where the author presents his central idea in greater detail without possible reservation.

Bio for the Article Author: This is where you have to give detail information about yourself (the writer/author). Don’t be too general; try to be specific and professional.

Furthermore, with the above in mind,  a few general ideas/tips apply accordingly when writing a catchy article for your esteem audience. First, my advice;try to be simple and succinct as possible. 
“The trouble with so many of us is that we underestimate the power of simplicity.” — Robert Stuberg, author and speaker
(1) Evidence should be embedded in your Work: Your article Integrity and expertise, particularly in your subject matter can face diminishing rating when typos or grammatical errors are noticed in any part of your article. Here's a proof-reading hint: Read your article out loud. Most times this will help you identifier blunders you missed while reading the article to yourself silently.

(2) (4)Try to be Clear & Concise in Your Writing: Most times 800 to 2000 word counts articles are great. But I believe this is personal and subject to interest. A 500 word article will always outperform a multitude of wordy article. In today’s internet/blogging style, you are writing for a medium that embraces instant gratification. It will be exciting for your articles to be vivid and concise, so the reader can quickly comprehend the quality content you are writing.

(3) Maintain your Target audience: If you are writing articles on a technical subject, it’s fine to use technical terminologies. However, be wary of alienating a wider target of visitors with information they might not exactly be ready to understand or digest.

(4) Maintain an Ace up your Sleeve: Always reserve some vital information; this will activate your readers, making them desire more. Remember, your article can create traffic, so use the Reference Bio to entice your readers to click on your website link.

I love comments, lets have your taught about this..........