Seven Ways To Make Your Social Media Strategy Fail - Or Succeed

Like it or not, the internet has changed the way business is conducted. No longer are brick and mortar stores and companies advertising locally in their newspapers and phone books. They are instead advertising online and reaching many more potential audiences than ever before- widening the potential for exposure, sales, and growth. 

The newest phone technologies have opened doors in communication with the use of apps that help customers connect directly with their favorite brands and products. Those who aren't connected on social applications are missing out on huge opportunities to target their exact customer base. With the help of a qualified advertising agency you can up your game dramatically while avoiding pitfalls. Here are seven ways to make your social media strategy fail- or succeed.

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1. Do not use social media to only promote your message
Social advertising does not work like classic advertising. Gone are the days when you could simply post a mysterious and eye popping picture on a billboard or run a television ad and then sit back and watch the sales flow. Today's customers demand more from the companies they trust. Along with quality products and services, they demand active participation and communication. If you are only using social apps to post your messages and advertise without engaging customers, they will soon tune out your messages.

2. Do not avoid social discussions
We are now living in a society that is more involved in community awareness and local and regional politics, as well as social dialogue among many other different domains. Those companies who want to stay relevant need to engage customers in their fields and be trendsetters in the national or global conversation. Staying silent for fear of offending is now almost as dangerous as taking a controversial stand. Make sure you have a strong message and don't be afraid to speak up.

3. Do not simply post without connecting
Make sure you are connecting with your customers. Comment on their reviews and learn from the qualitative data that they provide. Many useful innovations can come about by listening to feedback directly from customers.

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4. Do keep  friends at Arms length 
It may seem counter-intuitive to collaborate with others in the industry, after all they are your competitors, however, avoiding the greater conversation will make you look irrelevant. Even competing companies can come together to have a voice in their particular markets.

5. Do build an audience
Build an audience by being authentic, communicating clearly, engaging in dialogue, collaborating with customers and other businesses, and by sticking to your overall marketing messages.

6. Do engage in social discussion
Set the tone of your business or company by sticking to your mission statement and always exuding integrity as you conduct your business. Be a leader in your industry by connecting directly with your audience and let the strength of your messaging lead the way.

7. Do use the help of professionals
If your company or advertising department lacks the experience or expertise needed to navigate the complicated field of social applications, you are not alone. Many businesses outsource their multi-media marketing to professionals with the knowledge of how to get results.

Social media has revolutionized the field of business and advertising. Wield the technology to your advantage and don't get left behind.


9 Ways to Advertise on LinkedIn

In his book Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, search engine optimization and online marketing expert consultant Ted Prodromou explains how you can use LinkedIn to quickly engage with ideal customers, partners, and employees, showcase your company and attract new opportunities. In this edited excerpt, the author describes the nine different ways you can advertise on LinkedIn.
1. Self-Service PPC Advertising
This self-service advertising solution allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages and page locations on the website. You specify which LinkedIn members view your ads by selecting a target audience: by job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size, or LinkedIn Group. Your Self-Service ads will be displayed prominently at the top of the LinkedIn page as a text ad, and your full ad with an image will appear in the right sidebar.
2. Content Ads
Content ads are essentially mini-websites that let you display multiple ad messages in one sidebar widget. They're similar to those rotating billboards you see on freeways that display three different advertisements as the panels turn. You can display up to four advertising messages in different media formats, so you have more than one chance to catch the reader’s eye. For example, you can display your live Twitter feed in one tab, YouTube videos in another, and custom content in the last one. You can mix and match content to make highly interactive ads by offering white papers, podcasts, flash or image banners, or custom videos. Content ads are a great way to reach many different audiences with just one ad.
3. SlideShare Content Ads
Presentations are an excellent way to engage LinkedIn members. With LinkedIn's SlideShare, a social media website where you can post PowerPoint presentations, infographics, documents, and articles, you can post content on the SlideShare site and post the same content within your LinkedIn profile under your Summary or within each job posted in the Experience section. With SlideShare Content Ads, you can now promote your content in sponsored updates so you can share your best content with a target audience that's looking for professional insights.
4. Sponsored InMail
Sponsored InMail lets you use LinkedIn InMail to deliver highly relevant messages to targeted audience segments. Sponsored InMail messages are different from the standard InMail message: The sole purpose of an InMail message is to establish contact with a person, so you don’t want to include a marketing message when you send them an InMail message
But Sponsored InMail messages are personalized messages with space for extensive marketing copy on a co-branded landing page, one ad unit, and a call to action. Sponsored InMail messages are always delivered to the top of the member’s LinkedIn inbox, increasing visibility and improving the open rate.
When you send a Sponsored InMail Message, you have the ability to create messages personalized to very specific audiences because you can target any facet of the member profile. For this reason, Sponsored InMail Messages have an average open rate of 20 percent and a 20 percent clickthrough rate on the call to action. These open and clickthrough rates are well above the industry standard.
5. Social Ads
LinkedIn Social Ads are a very effective way to encourage LinkedIn members to share messages and recommend your products. Social Ads use the same targeting other LinkedIn advertising options offers but they let you leverage social proof throughout the LinkedIn community. The endorsements of trusted contacts are a highly effective way to add credibility and impact to your company messages.
LinkedIn’s extensive range of social ads is designed to leverage the way members use the LinkedIn network to share ideas and information. Social Ads make it easy for members to endorse your company and share insights and updates. And they ensure that engagement with one member is quickly spread across his network.
6. Follow Company Ads
LinkedIn Follow Company Ads are a unique set of display ads that leverage a member’s profile data to deliver a customized, personalized message to drive engagement with your Company Page. They give companies the ability to target professionals, generate awareness for their Company Page, and convert them to engaged followers.
7. Featured Company Ads
Featured Company ads are very similar to Follow Company ads. The difference is the Featured Company ad is associated with your Company page and lets you display links to the Product Showcase and Jobs pages on your Company page. It's an organic-looking tool to generate awareness and interaction for Company Pages. It invites engagement directly from the ad unit and leverages member network connections to drive interest while the Follow Company ad only lets the viewer click on the Follow Company link.
8. LinkedIn Group Ads
LinkedIn Group Ads are targeted, personalized, and relevant group-specific ads created to help promote and drive membership to custom group communities. They feature viewer-specific social graph information within the ad unit to build a personalized message, deliver Group recommendations, and build trust through a co-branded template that implies LinkedIn endorsement.
9. Spotlight Ads
A Spotlight Ad is a fully customizable ad that leverages the member profile image but can link to the advertiser’s landing page. These ads look like content on the page and don’t use the traditional ad formats. Because these ads blend in with the content, people often click on them not realizing they're ads.
Spotlight Ads are designed to help someone find a job by associating their profile picture with a company logo. These ads are very effective because they show a member's image in the ad under the headline, “Picture Yourself at Company” and their new job title under their name. This lets them visualize themselves in this position at your company.


Author and internet business consultant

Affiliate Marketing: Exactly What It Is and How It Works on Amazon

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Let's say these people buy something. You will make a commission on anything they buy that falls within Amazon's rules.

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Amazon's commissions are low compared to many other affiliate programs, but some affiliates have found that the ease of selling physical goods at amazon (versus selling digital goods somewhere less well known) makes up for the low commission rates. Plus, refund rates are low.

In details, let us look at a situation involving the selling of digital goods somewhere or  in an environment that is less known  - there is a platform called where people market their digital e-books. An individual or company writes an e-book and puts it up for sale and for promotion in the ClickBank marketplace.

The individual or company is known as a vendor at ClickBank. Each vendor can set their own commission rates and some set them as high as 75%.

On a $37 or $97 e-book, 75% is a lot. Commission is much higher, but conversion rates - meaning how many people click through your link and buy - can be much lower.

Besides Amazon goods and e-books, there are many other affiliate marketing options. Almost any topic you can imagine will have a related affiliate program of some sort.

CPA Offers
CPA offers can be very lucrative and at the same time boring. Besides receiving a commission on physical goods and digital e-books, you can also promote CPA offers. CPA stands for cost per action.

The action can often be something simple like filling out a form, applying for something, giving out their e-mail address, or sometimes signing up for an offer.

So, the way this works is you would somehow get people to the offer and if they complete the offer you would get a set amount of money. Normally this money is low, like a dollar or two dollars, but with some offers it can be quite high.

There are medical offers where people sign up to receive a medical item in the mail and only pay shipping and handling, but then if they don't cancel or send back the item their credit card will get charged for the full amount of the item.

These offers often pay substantially better than one where the person would only give out their e-mail address. These offers may also have higher return and refund rates though.

Google AdSense / Contextual Marketing
Another method of affiliate marketing that many people participate in is Google AdSense. Google AdSense. If you create a website that gets a lot of traffic but you can't really figure out what kind of ads or affiliate links you should put on it then AdSense may work for you.

You sign up for an AdSense account, and AdSense gives you a block of code. You paste this code into your website and where the code is AdSense will send ads. AdSense will read the words on your page and decide what the page is about and send ads related to that. When someone clicks on the ads you will make money. Some topics are worth more than others. For example, travel can be worth more than recipes.

Start your affiliate marketing business today and start making money online.

How do I transfer a domain name to WhoGoHost?

WhoGoHost has been  fascinating so far in their services.In order to transfer a domain from one provider to another, you need the EPP code of that domain. The EPP code is an authorization code that is known only by whoever has admin access to a domain. You need to contact your current domain registrar if you don't know what the EPP code of your domain is.

Once you have the EPP code of your domain, you can place a transfer order by visiting .

If your domain is a .ng domain, your domain would be transferred as soon as your order is activated.

If your domain is a non .ng domain (e.g. .com), an authorization email would be sent to the admin contact (that is the email address that was used as the administrative contact when the domain was registered) and he or she will need to click the authorization link in that email to start the transfer process.If the admin email address from both the old and new contact differ

Why  do you embark on domain and at the end the transfers fails?
Before proceeding with your domain transfer, you need to confirm that two settings are correct for your domain name.
You must ensure that the email address associated with your domain is correct and functional. During the process of transfer, mails will be sent to this email address to complete the transfer.
You must also ensure that the domain name is not locked. The transfer will never complete even if you agree to proceed with the transfer.
Ensure the ID protection on the domain is removed.

Checking your settings before proceeding
You can check both of the above by going to: Once there, type your in the field labeled "Whois Lookup:" and click submit. Find where it says "Administrative Contact:" This is where your correct email address must be listed.

Now scroll down to where it says "Status:" If the status says "locked," you must get this changed before doing the transfer.

How To Fix These Issues
To get the above changed you must contact the registrar (the company where you bought the domain), and ask them to make the necessary changes. Some registrars let you make these changes yourself from within their control panel.

Expired Domains & Domains in Redemption
Domains can be transferred while they are expired, but not while in redemption. Although you can transfer an expired domain name, no updates can be made to an expired domain. (So if you need to update your email address to a new email address, you will need to renew the domain name with the current registrar before you can update the information.)

While there is a possibility that transferring an expired domain will work, in most cases it will not because of one or more issues (such as being locked, outdated email address, etc.). If you wish to attempt to transfer it while expired, make sure you monitor the transfer carefully so that if it fails, you can renew it before it goes into redemption.

60 Day Rule
You cannot transfer a domain unless it has been at the current registrar for at least 60 days.

Renewal Less than 45 Days Ago
If you transfer a domain to us which has been renewed at the previous registrar less than 45 days ago, the domain will not receive an additional year when the transfer completes. If you transfer the domain after 45 days of renewing it, then you will receive an additional year added to your registration. This is a registry restriction and applies to all registrars.


How to Open and Verify Nigerian PayPal Account in 5 Minutes

PayPal makes payment for goods and services much easier. PayPal efficacy can't be compared, although it has faced much criticism over the last few years basically on it refusal to allow Nigerians receive payments on its platform. Payoneer has practical solve this problem in all angle.I encourage you to get Payoneer master card as soon as possible.
However, much have been  done in recent times to pass through this blockade or obstacle. As a Nigerian, there is one thing you must know; the usage of paypal has restrictions: you can only send money to other PayPal accounts (not those owned by fellow Nigerians, though) or make online payments for products and services. You cannot receive or withdraw funds.
As a result of this, if you need a PayPal account for receiving funds from abroad, I guess this development will leave you disappointed rather than excited. (I will sooner or later share a smart trick for opening and verifying a PayPal account that will allow you to receive and withdraw funds here in Nigeria, so dont be scared. 
Furthermore, from my research, you have every reason to be excited if you’re one of those who need the service for making online payments.
The restrictions notwithstanding, creating your own Nigerian PayPal account has its benefits. With it, you can pay online for products and services such as Fiverr gigs, ebooks, mobile apps, software packages, website and blog themes, WordPress plugins, mini importation products, and so on.
Opening and verifying your PayPal account is very simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Visit
  • Click “Sign up for free”paypal home
  • Click “Open an account” under the “Individual” tab. (Don’t create a business account unless you have a strong reason to do that. You might be required to provide certain business documents that you may not have.)paypal 1
  • Fill the form and click “Agree and create account”
  • On the security challenge page, enter the code displayed in the space provided and click “Continue”paypal 2
  • Provide your credit card details as required on the next page, and click “Continue”
And that’s all. You’ve created your own PayPal account. If your you receive an error message regarding your credit card details, click “Continue to my account” and try to verify your account again using the “Get verified” link.
Below is a screenshot of my own verified PayPal account.paypal verified
So, get online and register yours. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes (depending on your connection speed, though).

Got any questions?

Share them in the comments section.

Entrepreneurial Mindset 101 - A Positive Mindset Is A Powerful Skill To Develop

How often have we ever heard speakers state an entrepreneur needs  an attitude that is positive?
Before I proceed any further, I need to go over the thought of a mindset.  Most of us have a mind.  In that mind, we put ideas, feelings, our minds and our notions. You might love The Journey of a Plantain Vendor Who Became an Employer of a University Professor. I find it very exciting and inspiring.

How to Master the Traits of Savvy Successful Business Owners

Your company is going to take a great deal of your own time when you begin your company. 

 Additionally, you'll need to maintain that company for so long as perhaps 3 years before you ever find a return to investment.

Their will be times in and you won't wish to spend any capital to help keep your business afloat.
To provide the best chance of sticking it through, then you have to develop an attitude that is positive.

 Creating a attitude that is positive can be gotten by:

1.  Listening to speakers or gurus
2.  Listening to uplifting songs or songs which makes you glad
3.  Read quotes or books
4.  Hang around individuals that are strong-minded and people

Once your brain is conditioned to concentrate on the outlook on any circumstance, you'll have the ability to make it through the unfavorable and rough times.Me personally I've had my share of occasions and moments I wished to stop.

Because of my attitude, I managed to make it through the time and begin collecting a great deal of returns on my investments.I started out with a dead end project as a college student.  Since I had been a complete time college student majoring in computer 16, I worked about week-ends.  I needed to maintain my business afloat on the paycheck every fourteen days, I had been piling up.  Because I surrounded myself in my walls with quotations that are positive and hanged around people, me didn't crush.Bonus idea for Establishing A Mindset!You have to get educated.

 I suggest doing a little research and educating yourself to the kind of business or company you may love to become part of.  You'll have the ability to brace yourself if the hard times occur, if you're ready to figure out of the conditions it will require you to be successful in your enterprise.

Fortunately for you, there are also associations of small business experts that offer bits of advice and advise to individuals that are thinking about constructing their brand.

AUTHOR==>>Brendand Jeffrey: Online Business consultant for Fuxbusiness directories

How to Build Online Trust By Creating Trustworthy Content

Building trust online takes time.For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth. I believe you will love this --8 Things to Remember When Starting Any Blog
"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters'. Albert Einstein

There are always terrible stories being reported about people being scammed/dubbed by unscrupulous online markets/bloggers/retailers, making you stop and think before trusting anyone. From experience, this will definately take time before the arrows of fears leaves your surrounding.

However, you must understand clearly that Building trust online with your content is extremely beneficial. I believe that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. You see, when you let go and learn to trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you're able to be more patient. Patience is not just about waiting for something... it's about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.

Fear I believe is a marketer's worst enemy
The fear this kind of event has on your customers/ clients is going to affect your database, unless you can find a way to reassure them. Most times, activating discounts and low cost offers can help a lot.

Your content and marketing materials can usually counter most buying objections, but the one thing you can't easily counter is your buyer's hidden fear.

If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you. Zig Ziglar

Their fear could have been as a result of a bad sales experience, a poor performing product, or a scam. But whatever put it there did a great job because it's lodged firm festering away with the potential to ruin any chance you had of making a sale.

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These people are most troubled in relation to:

· Loosing money

· Being take for a fool again, after the first experience

· Being made to feel stupid

They've been series of similar reports and this can be  long time problem. Every time they encounter a bad salesperson, or something goes wrong their fear grows making your job even harder.

How to practically battle the fear
The bad news is there isn't one single thing you can do to make the fear go away. However this can disappear over a long period.

Building trust takes time.
Trust can not be made over night. It takes time. You practically can't just make it happen, but there are several items you need to integrate to make it happen faster .

More so, it goes without saying that one of those is to ensure that your product or service lives up to your promises and that your customer service is second to none.

But if your business lives in the online world, you've got a lot of work to do before they even get to experience your sales process.

Generating trust online
When you can't meet and greet your customers, it can be tough to make them see your trustworthiness. Try ensuring that this is settled.

The first impression they get of you is from your website or landing page, so that's where you have to concentrate on making a good first impression.

Can we start with your domain name? Oh yes we can...
People are far more likely to trust a website that has its own domain name. So don't go with or, it looks unprofessional. That works for email addresses too.

A potential customer is far more likely to trust a company that uses a proper email address, i.e. George[at] than companyname[at]

Then it's important to fill your website with consistently high-value content, not only on your sales pages but your blog too.

In conclusion, ensure at all cost that your contact details are visible and real. That means a valid email address, telephone number and postal address. A company that hides behind a contact form is one that's hiding something - as far as potential clients are concerned.

On your customers' side
We understand how this things works and operate.  So, you are not alone. Overcoming ingrained fears isn't easy, but showing you're on your customers' side will go a long way.

I advice you to be optimistic no matter the situation/confined domain. Try and  open  up and  be honest at all times and provide  relevant information that will add value to your research. Building trust is a slow process, but when you get it right, those fears will disappear. 


8 Things to Remember When Starting Any Blog

I have discussed countless time about starting a new blog.The relevance of owning your own blog is endless. If you want to kick-start a profitable blogging career today, I strongly advice you chose from either one of the resources/tools reviewed here.  One of the Best Blogging Software for Easy Blog Management is WordPress, although blogspot is very exciting and perfect for new bloggers or newbies. Here are the 8 Things to Remember When Starting Any Blog

Choose the template which will fit your personality and business.
These  blogging platforms offers numerous customizable template. You can choose many different templates and view these templates before you install them on your website. This can save you a lot of time later and you won't have to change your whole site around if you are happy with the correct template and sometimes the keyword here is simple is best.

Carefully select a template which is not complicated and will work for your business as well. I have to admit that this is indeed the easiest way for anybody to start a blog.

Get the main elements together on your blog.
A few pages must be created and then added to your menu in your back office. This includes about us page, home, contact us, privacy policy, income disclaimer if needed. The privacy policy can be created for free online.

These pages important and it will tell your audience more about your business and what type of services you are offering. Not only is it fun to create your blog, but it is all about your personality as well. is not a difficult site to work with and in time you will do it with eyes close.

Start your blog on the right platform.
There are many companies out there where you can start a free blog but no matter who they are and what services they offer it would still best to choose the number one writing platform which is

A blog can be started either by signing up for free or by getting your domain which will make your blog unique. This will insure that you can now start building your house.

Add content that is relevant to your site.
Adding content is the best way to add more value for your subscribers. The most important thing is to give them more than what they are asking for. We are not all writers but if you don't have the time to add content it can always be outsourced.

Spend time on a regular basis to update your content.
There is nothing worse than going to a site and the author just seemed to have abandoned his site. It isn't always true that the biggest sites are the most popular. The one thing that they do that we can really learn from them is that they make sure that they are consistent.

Learn more about SEO methods.
Unfortunately, we were not born with all the knowledge in the world. Spending time on doing research that can help your site is a definite investment and one that you can always use to improve your site.

It is only the beginning that is the hardest, but learning how to optimize your site will not only bring your site more traffic, more sign ups but most definitely build your community or your list.

Focus on what you do know and not what you don't know.
There will be technical things that you don't understand at first, but this is not a problem. This will only be an indication of how many things you will still need to learn.

The internet is filled with free source offering information on any topic or subject that you might acquire or need. Spend your time wisely and focus on what you still need to learn before things will change around for you.

No matter what you do never give up.
Build a blog or website can be overwhelming at first and the wonderful thing about the mind is that we remember by practice on a regular basis. These are simple things to remember, but very important if your blog is going to be successful.

I had to redo my template in the beginning and this took me three months. Now I do understand that if I had this knowledge in the beginning, it would have changed my world around.

Learning one thing every single day will improve your life and your blog. In the beginning you might not see results and it is only temporary. The main thing to remember is to do what 90% of marketers will never do and that is sticking it out until you are happy with the end results.


Best Blogging Software for Easy Blog Management

Creating a new blog or business online can be hectic considering several constraints such as finance and resources/tools. If you re  planing on starting a new blog then you can't really do without premium blogging softwares that automate the whole blogging process. Although some free blogging softwares are also good with excellent features.

What is blogging software?
Blogging softwares  ares program that allows online users to easily create, design and manage blogs. With a good blogging software, you can easily create and design a professional looking blog.

Until a few years ago, you were required to have a deep understanding of any of the complicated programming languages before you could even think about starting a blog! Fortunately, times have changed. Don't you just love ever-evolving technology?

Now, a blogging software provides both beginners and advanced developers the essential tools they can use to publish content online, with little or no programming experience. This software offers users a great range of customizable options to ensure they build good looking websites to showcase their ideas and content.

The use of this software makes it possible for users not to worry about any line of code messing their site layout so they can focus more of their energy on producing quality content for their readers.

Blogging software is being used by millions of webmasters to easily manage their online presence. So if you are thinking of establishing a strong online presence then these below software is among the things you must consider using.

Top Blogging Software for Beginners
This software has two platforms, and These are the top rated blogging softwares and are widely used by most webmasters due to the powerful features each of them provides. is powering over 60 million websites worldwide but you have to host your website with a third party before you can be able to use it, unlike has an intuitive user interface and it's very easy to use. You don't need to be a developer or programmer before you can get around on it. The software comes pre-installed in most web hosting providers. It has thousands of free themes and plugins which you can use to add extra features on your site. on the other hand is free blogging software and it doesn't require any third-party hosting. It's suitable for both individual webmasters and professional publishers.

Most beginners who are eager to establish online presence mostly start with this one because it is free and easy to use. It allows you to create a blog and start publishing blog posts within a few minutes. It's a powerful SEO friendly software that doesn't require much technical skills to get started. This software is also fully customizable and you can tweak it to get the kind of website you want.

This is Google's own blogging software designed for individual bloggers, authors, and beginner publishers. It requires the users to only sign up with their Google account details. It's completely free to use and easy to setup. You don't need to have any programming skill before you can use it. Blogger has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

You might love this:How To Create Your First Free Blog on The Blogspot Blogging Platform

You can also use it to easily make money online because it's hard wired with Google AdSense and analytics. One of the big disadvantages of this software is that you would not be able to sell the website or blog you built on it if you ever decide to do so.

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging software used mostly by beginners. The software is powering over 220 million blogs and over 100 Billion blog posts. It was owned by David Karp but was recently sold to Google to the tune of $1.1 Billion. It is very easy to use with so many plugins and themes you can install to make your site look professional.

This software is more of a micro-blogging best suitable for people who are not looking for a long-term commitment into the world of the blogosphere. It allows users to sign up freely and start blogging.

Squarespace is standard blogging software that allows users to easily create professional blog and ecommerce Websites. You can use it to build an online store, showcase your products and services in a grand style. The first year annual plan comes with a free domain name. The software has millions of stunning images, customized email address, beautiful logo and much more.

Quora is a popular question and answer website used by professional and knowledgeable writers who already established with some amount of authority and expertise in their respective niche. If you plan on using Quora, just know that it doesn't allow customization. It's good for professionals who want to expose their brands to a huge number of online users. It's not the best blogging software for personal blogging.

Medium is a blogging software best suitable for those who want to be sharing stories and ideas. It's a pure social journalism platform and it doesn't offer users many customizable options. It's much like What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get with a wonderful web-based editor.

It's mostly used by individual bloggers who want to get their post read by as many people as possible. It has no widgets or plugins to move things around so you are pretty much on your own. The medium has nice clean and minimalist interface with a great social community.
MovableType is a Content Management System for bloggers who want to build a good looking website. It makes publishing and managing of online business very easy, owing to the powerful features it provides.

MovableType has great many plugins and template editors that you can use to customize the look and feel of your Website/Blog. It's written in PerI, a popular scripting language that runs on almost every operating system which uses a variety of database to store blog content.
TypePad is a paid blogging software but you can use it for free for a 14-day trial period. It's very easy to use in blog promotion and making money online. TypePad has great features that will skyrocket your blog to a great height. It has a text editor and HTML editor you can use to easily write and publish articles.

TypePad also comes with a great statistic tracking tool which includes average views per day, total page views, and bounce rate. It allows full customization of Templates for users that are on the unlimited package. It also has a good number of templates and you can use it to create several blogs.

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How to Check if a Website is Banned From Adsense or Marked for Ads Disabling By AdSense

Making money through Adsense has always been exciting.Although the rate of site ban or page ban is also a problem. AdSense is  currently one of the most popular advertising and monetization technique used by bloggers world-wide. The interesting part  about AdSense are: Exceptional and Quality ads, On time payment and a well-known brand name. New users might have difficulty in differentiating between a normal 3rd part ads Vs. Google AdSense ads, but for a blogger it’s easy to figure out what advertisement platform is being used by some one.

However, most bloggers have been complaining a lot despite all the good reviews about AdSense. You hear series of complains like Google adsense has banned or disable ads serving on my site/blog, Why? After all the effort I put in applying for Adsense, It was disabled after 3 weeks after pin verification.

More so, one can always such barrier in life especially when it comes to making money online. What do you expect from a company like Google adsense? For you to keep running to them continually and keep looking for all means of getting approved is because of their quality ads service. To maintain such standards, things of this nature are bound to occur.

It will be wise of you to check this out:Google AdSense Latest Update : Avoid Been Banned.

Here comes the list of websites to check if your Google Adsense account is at risk of being banned or has been marked for ads disabling

1.isbanned : with you will be able to check if your website and/blog is banned by Google AdSense.  Thus,if a site has been banned by Google it will be much better to duplicate your site and check for the validity of a similar or another site.
2. bannedcheck: This is also another important tool to check if  if your site has been banned from Google Adsense. AdSense Banned Check is a powerful set of tools verifies if your website and/or domain has been banned by either the Google Search Engine or Google AdSense. Bannedcheck is very useful because it does two functions at the same time  first  It will let you check any domain for AdSense ban and also if the domain is banned from Google search.

3.ctrlqWith this tool you can perform the function of checking  if your Website is Banned  from Adsense  or marked for Ads disabling by AdSense. is a multi-purpose tool by Indian pro-blogger Amit Agarwal.

 As a website owner, this will enable you to check contextual and geo targeted ads, and it will also be used to check for AdSense penalty for any given domain. Once you visit kindly check for and chose the region and click on peview ads. From here you can see if you're site is banned or not.  If  all the adverts spots are blank, that means  the AdSense account is banned but if the ads spot is not, then the associated Adsense account is not banned.

In conclusion, I strongly believe all blogs and website owners should be careful when dealing with Adsense, report any suspicious activity to Google directly through here . To avoid been banned try getting acclimatized with this  Google Adsense guidelines will help.

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