Tips and Strategies For Staying Focused While Working From Home

A good example of a distraction. So right now, I am working at my kitchen table which is my home office at the moment. My Son comes down and decides that he will make himself a bite to eat while I am right in the middle of trying to write this article. How would you handle the situation? Generally, we are on the same schedule and do have lunch together every day around the same time but today happened to be different because of his schedule.

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 I tried to make him see that by entering the kitchen and making his lunch in the same space where I was working was a distraction. This just annoyed him and he left saying under his breath that I should not be working in the kitchen. He is right of course and this takes me to the next topic of the dedicated work area.

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Dedicated work area. This is definitely a luxury in most homes and especially small apartments but you should make the effort to find and make a dedicated work space. If there is someone in the house with you all day as is the case with my Son they need to be made to understand that while you are in this space it should be respected as a work area. I will be practicing what I am preaching as soon as possible so my Son can have his freedom back in the kitchen. Providing yourself a delineation between home and work space will help make it clear that only work activities should happen in the dedicated work area. It is important to have boundaries and expectations when it comes to your work area. Now that you have your dedicated work area it is a good idea to establish your work hours.

Establishing your work hours. It is your work day, so instead of working haphazardly through the day set up your work hours. I generally start my day somewhere in the area of 10:00 am as I am involved with other matters in the home until then. I generally break for lunch around noon or 1:00 pm and take an hour for lunch. After lunch I generally work until 4:00 - 5:00 pm. So, I would say, I work from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch. There will be days that I will start earlier or finish later but at least deciding on a quitting time is helpful. Once you have your time set the day becomes more structured around what you are trying to accomplish. Here are My Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Business

Dressing for success. Get out of your PJ's and sweat pants! Wearing these types of clothes make you feel like you are not really working and this will make you prone to distractions. Make it a point to get dressed every day as what you wear in your office has a direct impact on your work performance and productivity.

Work at another location. Besides the distractions of working from a home-based office it can sometimes get a little lonely. I know that when I started working from home I left the hustle and bustle of running an office of 60 people to being home alone. It was a little disconcerting at first. My local coffee shop became a second office and without the distractions of home and family, I found myself more motivated. It was also easier to focus on the task at hand and I definitely got more accomplished. It was also nice being around other people and not feeling so isolated.

Act as if you are going to work. This is a fun tip given to me by a friend. He told me that in order to fight off the distractions of working from home he fooled himself into thinking that he actually went to work somewhere else. He established a routine just like the one he had when he worked in an office. He would get up every day at the same time and perform his personal grooming and get dressed for work. He would actually leave his apartment, get in his car and drive somewhere. He would arrive back at his apartment and begin his work day as if he had gone to work. He did this until he became disciplined enough to work in his home office.

Conclusions and observations. Working from home is not for everyone. You have to be a disciplined person who is able to tune out the distractions while being motivated, focused and able to be productive. You also need to be a good communicator and let your family, friends and neighbors know your goals and expectations about your work day. Don't forget to reward yourself for all of your efforts. Doesn't a cookie sound good right about now?

AUTHOR>>>Royce Bunting 

What are Some of the Most Successful Home Based Businesses?

Since home based businesses are suppose to change your life, and bring more happiness due to each person having more control over their own life, my first criteria to judge the value of a good home based business will be, what do you have a passion for?

If your home based business is going to bring you happiness and a sense of self actualization then you should have a real passion for the product your business is providing. For example, do you have a passion for fitness, being healthy and or losing weight? Then maybe you should find a business that has those products. I can give you some examples of some companies but i don`t want to put any ideas into your head. There are tons of health and wellness companies out there. It`s really gotten competitive in the arena. But again, what are you passionate about? Secondly, what type of business method will you be comfortable with?

For example, Do you like doing your business belly to belly? Doing home parties? Inviting people to large "opportunity" meetings in the conference room of hotels? Door to door sales? Or hitting up all your friends and relatives? Some people like that approach and that`s OK but not me. I like being on my computer marketing on the internet. With belly to belly you have that personal aspect of looking someone right in the eye. Maybe building a little bit of a relationship first, which could be beneficial. But your numbers will be down. Not as many people to present your opportunity to. But on the internet you can contact as many people as you want. Many presentations to interested people. But no trust built from a little bit of a relationship. That`s OK, I`m a introvert. I don`t want to go belly to belly.

But if you find a opportunity that is mainly done on line, what kinds of tools do they provide? Do they just throw a web site at you with a few banners and say go for it? Or do they provide a lot of training to show you how to actually do internet marketing. Finding good leads. Leads that produce sales or a co-marketer. Take your time to find out.

A third consideration is the cost. The best approach is to have at least a little bit of a budget to cover costs and do a business the right way. Many businesses with many compensation plans and business plans. If you just start at the lowest starting point with the smallest price just expect to take a long time to make a wage you can live off of. Your business will grow faster with the more money you have to invest. That`s just the way it is. Don`t expect to get rich over night. Even a traditional "brick and mortar" type of businesses don't often make a profit their first year. It takes time.

One last consideration is, up line support and does the business have a track record and some good longevity? When you first start out you need a sponsor/ up line / en-roller who will show you how to do the business. Someone for you to go to when you have questions. Also, Is the business a proven business or is it just a fly by night "opportunity" that may not be around in 6 months. Do some research. Don`t jump at the first email you look at. Give it careful consideration. I`ve had many of en rollers who said that they would be there for me but jumped ship at the next flavor of the month that sounded good. I also have plenty of business URL`s from past opportunities that don`t work any more. No longevity. No support.

Finally, let me say that I have found a opportunity that has met all these important considerations. Please take a look at my opportunity and let me know what you think.

My Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Business

My Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Business and Maintain Your Integrity
3 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Business 

Business are built for profits. "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is basically the courage to continue that counts." ..."It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

In life as in business, sincerity and honesty can exist, and it all begins with the person staring back at you from the mirror. There are many reasons that people choose to travel in other paths that lack integrity, but there's no reason for it. 

Running a business is like riding a roller coaster. Although it is fun and exciting, there will be times when difficult decisions are to be taken. Just be ready for that time.

Having a great company, making money and treating others well don't have to be mutually exclusive.
Life tends to harden us all.
Challenging circumstances can create doubt.
Furthermore, especially in business, we all  anticipate positive results. I get it because I've had doubts and I'm someone who expects achievements at work and nothing less than the best in performance.

But, sometimes it feels as if anything goes.
The big question here is, how do you maintain your integrity in life, and by extension, in business?

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Want to know my honest answer?
It's not easy, but it's not impossible. I do it every day--no matter what happens--and so can you.
I'm one of those people who thinks he's heard it all and when people have been "caught" not having a high level of integrity, I've heard the excuses.

 I've listened to stories of "a tough life," and I've had someone tell me once that integrity is not a value he has because "every day is a great day to make money." In his mind, capitalism is a higher value, and capitalists can't have integrity in business. I've also seen a lack of motivation or desire to take the higher ground, always. 

If you had to review your life, where would you place yourself on the scale?

I may be old school, but I believe that in business and in life, your word is your bond. Period. If you do business with me or if you're a member of my team, then when I say I'm going to do something, you can take it to the bank and consider it done.

It would be refreshing if everyone tried to operate in a similar fashion, but I also understand that life is made of all kinds of people.

So, my question to you is, how do you want to live your life and operate in business? But first read this[The Genesis of New Startups--25 Startup Pitch Mistakes to Avoid]

Presuming that you want to follow the path of integrity, what are the immediate steps you can take right now to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with you understands that what you say, you will do? As you know, your reputation takes a lifetime to build, and in today's world, only minutes to ruin.
 One bad review or scandal, especially in the digital world where news can spread like wildfire, is all you need to see everything you've built in your life come tumbling down like a pile of toy blocks.

Sincerity always has a place at the table
: I've often heard, especially in business, and maybe you have too, that honesty places you on the wrong end of a negotiation. Many professionals believe that sincerity is not recommended. I disagree. The people you work with will appreciate knowing your authenticity and honesty. I think you have everything to gain if you're sincere. I'm not saying that in a tough negotiation you have to put all your cards on the table. 

That doesn't make any business sense, but you have to be sincere in what you do reveal.
Surround yourself with others who have integrity
: Have you ever recommended someone for a job or professional opportunity only to find out that they've blown the chance and made you look bad with your colleague or friend in the process? 

As a business leader, I hold myself to a high-level of integrity, and as I have said, when I say something, my word is golden. But, I also expect the same from those who work with me or with whom we partner. Make it a point to maintain high-quality people around you who also believe that integrity is a prominent value. 

And, the next time you have to give a recommendation, you don't ever have to worry about getting an email or phone call that reflects on your judgment.

Learn the art of saying "no": One of the reasons that many people often get themselves into all kinds of trouble is because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings or give someone "bad news." They also think that they could jeopardize a relationship if they say no. 

This is a mistake. If an idea, partnership or opportunity does not fit with your agenda, then you have no choice but to decline. By taking the band-aid off early and saying no, you will prevent something that will only grow bigger and lead to awkwardness, disappointment or even anger later on because you didn't deliver on what you said you would. Know when to walk away from something and always make it as early as possible.

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No matter your position in a company as a member of the team or a leader, realize that you always want to be as transparent as possible, especially in today's world where it's demanded by customers, the public, and employees. 

What you have to understand is that honesty is a great competitive green light  because when someone knows you're true to your word, guess who they'll want to do business with now and in the future. You off course, you dont need a magician to tell you

Understanding YouTube Analytics and Its Basics

Understanding YouTube Analytics and Its Basics
YouTube Analytics comes in when you have started using YouTube to upload and share videos and when you started to wonder who are watching your videos and how do they can get more views and better engagement.

When you build a dashing YouTube channel, the requirement is, you must understand who your audience is and how do they engage with your videos. As luck would have it, YouTube Analytics is to the rescue to tell you a lot more about your audience, what do they like, and what kind of content you should create to become successful.

Here are some overviews of YouTube Analytics to help you make the most of this tool. How to get started using this tool, the insights it provides, and any possible information available in your result that you can use to improve your results.

Get started by signing in to your Google account and navigate to your YouTube channel page, then at the top of your channel page, click on views to go directly to your channel's analytics.

YouTube Analytics Overview
After following the said instructions above, you are now looking at your channels Analytics Overview. If you are on default settings, it gives you data for the past 28 days, but in another hand, you can change that to any period of time you wish to retrieve analytics from. The data that you are going to retrieve from this page is beneficial if you are looking to get a general report of how your channel is working. If you wanted to look for a slight capture of your channel's performance, then Overview is the right place to go.

It is to be noted that YouTube Analytics are also based on Pacific Standard Time, updated once a day and might have a delay of 72 hours. If you really need to look to make the most of YouTube Analytics, you might need to hop into each detailed report.

Watch time Reports
This is where you will find the essential analytics on YouTube, it breaks down how your different videos and its quality are keeping your audience engaged. Watch Time Reports dispense insight of the overall performance of your channel and it can also be used to swim deeper into the performance of individual videos.

Views are the most basic measurement of your video's success as it shows how many times your video has been watched. But they do not take into account users that click on your content and leave immediately because views are considered equal value nevertheless how long the user watched your video.

Watch time offers a more precise breakdown of the status of your content, YouTube sums up the time that people have spent watching your videos, it measures the estimated time that your audience has watched your video and showing how many minutes of your videos have collectively been watched on your channel.

Audience Retention embellish how suitably your video is maintaining its audience. You will be able to see how much your viewers are watching from each video, which parts are causing them to leave your content. It can be broken down more further to see your absolute audience retention and your relative audience retention which shows how your video compares to other YouTube videos of similar length and will help you determine which length video best fits you.

Demographics provides you a comprehensive look at who exactly is watching your video to better market them. YouTube also provides insight into the demographic breakdown of your audience by gender, age, and also geographic location so that you can modify your messaging respectively.
Playback locations show any sites or pages your video is being viewed on. It's one of the great things about YouTube when you create fun and entertaining videos, your videos could be shared in different ways, by embedding your videos to their own website or blog. 

The Playback locations report separates views from your YouTube page, apps, or any website that you embed your video on. It will also give you estimated minutes watched, and average view duration, but broken down by location.

Traffic sources provide data on how your audience arrives at your video. There are different types of traffic sources and this include YouTube search, YouTube suggested videos which can be found on YouTube by clicking on a thumbnail, YouTube channel page, and YouTube playlist. You will be able to see how searchable your video while diagnosing which referral platform is gaining you the most traffic.
Devices show if your audience is watching your video whether on their Computer, Mobile phone, Tablet, and Game console. So you could refer to them to create shorter or long videos that would be better viewed from each gadget.

Engagement Reports
Views are only a part of building a flourishing YouTube channel. As you are kick-starting to modify your content to share on YouTube and build an audience, you may want to pursue which type of engagement your videos are generating.

Subscribers indicate how many subscribers you have gained and at the same time, how many subscribers you have lost. They are important because they are the users who are watching, engaging, and possibly influencing other people to watch your videos. Monitor your subscribers on a regular basis or as scheduled to help you diagnose if you're or you're not successful in doing this. Create videos that would make people come back and wanting for more.

Likes and Dislikes condense the number of people who liked and disliked your video. It is to be noted, that you should not focus on reaching your goals, you should work to inspire and entertain your viewers as they are essential to your success.

Comments provide you the number of comments your video has gathered. Comments can be a great way for you to know what is your audience's' perception about the video, at the same time to engage with them by answering their question or responding to their comments.
Sharing emphasizes the number of times your videos have been shared and where your videos have been shared to.

Annotations furnish information on your video annotations' performance, their click-through, and close rate. It will give you valuable information on how effective are the call-to-action features of your videos.

The essential measure of success are those audiences who are attentive on your videos, your brand, and the message behind your videos. They show their support through their likes, shares, and comments on your videos.

Author==>Chen Wang [Web/Video specialist]

7 Money Habits That Will Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals – Part 2

This is the concluding part of this article. If you have not read Part 1 of it, please go here

Habit #3 Have A Monthly Budget
After you have planned your finances and laid out a clear vision for where you are going, it’s important that you break the plan into small bits based on your current financial situation.  That’s the best way to eat an elephant after all.

Planning your monthly expenditure before you receive your income makes it easier to make the best use of your money to support and achieve your vision.
Your budget will reveal where your money is going. It will show you what your spending habits are. This will make it easy for you to know what adjustments you need to make moving forward.

Habit #4 Improve Your Skills, Everyday
This is one of the most important habits you can develop that will seriously affect your finances.

In today’s technology- driven society, skills and even whole occupations are getting outdated by the day. You don’t want to be left behind and looking for how to generate income with your skills to no avail.

You want to be in-demand at every point in time.
By so doing, your income never runs dry. There are new areas popping up in every industry. So you need to be on the lookout for how to improve your current skills and put yourself in the top ten percent of top performers in your industry.

Some whole courses can be taken online for free. There are also paid ones. If you find them important enough to advance your career, don’t hesitate to take them.

Habit #5 Buy Assets, Not Liabilities
One of the biggest reasons most people struggle with money is what they spend their money on, not even how much they earn. Most people use their money to buy liabilities without even realizing it.

Liabilities by the way refer to things that take money out of your pocket on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It could even be any other period of time. But the bottom line is that you do not get money back for the expense. They are the exact opposite of assets.

Assets are things that put money into your pocket on a regular basis. For any amount of money you spend on your assets, they yield a return. For some assets, you spend once to acquire them and continue to get paid for life. Continuously invest in such assets.

Habit #6 Make Investing A Lifestyle
This right here is one of the most distinguishing factors between the rich and the poor. Two people can start at the same financial position today and in ten years, they are in totally different positions; one is rich while the other is poor.

We’ve seen it many times: a person that was doing very well and seemed to have everything going for them and bang! Something happens and they begin to spiral all the way downward, and nothing can stop them now. Whatever they do things just keep going all the way down. And they have nothing to hold on to.
Those, my friend are people who do not invest.

Some people spend all their money on possessions to keep up with the Joneses. They forget that that same money can be invested to bring them more money in future.
Assets you need to invest in include:

·        Land
·        Property
·        Business
·        Stocks

Habit #7 Aim For Passive Income, Ultimately

This should be your ultimate aim as you’re not going to work all your life, at least not at the same level you do today.

You want to make money even when you are asleep. That is the essence of passive income. You work once, you get paid for life. And in today’s world, you should be aiming for that.
But how can you achieve it? Through your investments of course. That is why you need to take investing seriously.

There are several other ways to earn passive income that you can explore. But generally, establishing and building a successful business is one of the very best, if not the best.

Imbibe these habits and you will not have any reason to worry about achieving your financial goals because you will more than achieve them.

7 Money Habits That Will Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Money! Everyone wants it. Musicians have sang and continue to sing about it. Some idolize it. Some even die because of it. And by the way, that happens every day. In fact, it’s happening right now as you read this.

The lack of it, the desire or crave for it has been responsible for some of the worst crimes ever committed. It’s responsible for some of the worst action showing man’s inhumanity to man.
It ranks high up there with power and sex as one of the most coveted things by humans.
Some people can do anything for it. 

Of course armed robbers do that every day. And do I need to mention drug dealers, prostitutes and their likes to make my point? No, don’t think so. You’ve got the point. And you know even you have taken drastic measures to get it at one time or another.

Needless to say, money is one of the most misunderstood things on earth, and yet one of the most desired.
 How on earth is getting rich not a subject of study in school given the importance and ubiquity of money. It seems everything we do in life is in one way or another connected with money.
From when you are born, bills must be paid at the hospital. Before you were even born your parents had started spending money on you. And every step you go it’s money, money, money required all the way for one thing or another.

And for those unfortunate ones whose parents can’t find the money? Well, the unlucky ones get dumped by the road sides for the motherless babies units to cater for. Others who are lucky get to scrape by, going off to start selling for their parents on the streets as soon as they are old enough to carry some items about. That’s the modus operandi in most African states.

Now let’s talk about you and I. However you got here.

Maybe you are part of the luckiest few that were born with the proverbial “golden spoon” or even “silver spoon”, but you seem to have lost it.

Or you are not anything like any of these; you are living in a world of your own. But you still want to achieve your financial goals as this will make your life all the better.

Okay, here are 7 powerful habits you can develop that will help you achieve your financial goals:

Habit #1 Understand That Money Is Important But Some Things Are More Important

Some people make the mistake of putting money ahead of everything else. Don’t.  Because it’s not.
You know that your life is more valuable to you than your money, right? Well, even time is more valuable than money. For the simple reason that when you lose money, you can make it back if you have the time but if you run out of time? It’s all over.

The right relationships are also more valuable than money. The right skills and wisdom will save your life even when money cannot.

Habit #2 Plan Ahead For Your Financial Success
As it is with every other important thing in life, succeeding with money requires that you have a solid plan going for you.

You need to plan how you will grow your money in the next one year, five years, twenty years and your life time. You need to also have a succession plan for the next generation. Yes, life is like a relay race.

For everyday that you wake up or set out for work, you should assess your progress so far.  Where are you in the plan, and what do you need to do today to make sure your plan comes to fruition?

Watch out for the concluding part of this write up tomorrow, where we will cover the remaining five habits that will help you achieve your financial goals and on time too.

Killer Tips To Optimize Your Blog Post To Get More Traffic

Blogging has become a trend because it is a good source of earning. Many people start their blog page with the aim to get the higher number of readers. The truth is that many people fail to take the advantages of marketing techniques for their blog posts. 

There are many effective ways that help to optimize your blog and improves its ranking on the search engine result page. If you have your blog page, then, you can understand the power of marketing. 

There are several ways that can help you to get good backlinks but SEO will only work if you have an optimized blog. It is a good source of earning that is why many people have made it a profession. Here are some smart ways to optimize your blog effectively.

Keyword Research Is Important - It is very important to do keyword research before posting your blog, as if you insert high traffic keywords then the chances are higher that your ranking will increase. 
You can also use keyword planner tools if you are not able to judge the right keywords.

Link With Others - If you mention other blogs or article in your own blog post, then you must include their link as a reference link. It is an ethical way of blog marketing that helps you to get good backlinks. It also helps to improve the ranking of your blog on the search engine result page.

Use Social Media To Broaden The Reach - Social media is a great platform that helps you to connect with more people. You can share the link to your blogs on your social media accounts to get more visitors. Many people share the post they like so, if anyone one shares your post then it will increase the reach of your content.

Image Optimization - Whenever you upload an image, always make sure to include the keyword in the file name to makes it searchable. Search engine robots cannot read images, so it is important to add the keyword in the description or file name to make the image optimize successfully.

You must try these points to increase the traffic on your blog page. If you are a beginner then it is recommended to hire a good SEO company that helps to improve the ranking of your blog.

 It is important to choose a professional company for the marketing of your blog, so it is recommended to judge their work before investing.

3 Dangerous Blogging Pitfalls You Should Avoid at All Cost

If you want to make blogging your business model, there are things you need to know. Sometimes those things have to do with what you should do, and other times they are things you absolutely have to avoid at all cost or your blog will fail miserably.

Let me tell you what the 3 most commonly known, and at the same time, most dangerous blogging pitfalls are.
1. Fake it Till You Make it
Believe it or not, but this is a real saying that goes around in the internet marketing industry. It's very easy to hide behind a web page or an email address when you're working on the web, and one of the most grievous mistakes people make when blogging is pretending to be experts in matters they know nothing about. In other words, they're fakes.

It's tempting to fall for that trap, but I am here to tell you you shouldn't do it. Why? Because if you do, sooner or later you'll get busted. Plain and simple.

Someone out there will blow the lid off your little scheme and you'll have a new nick name which starts with an S and rhymes with the word hammer.

2. Post Till Your Fingers Bleed
This is a huge load of crap. Some people say you need to log onto that dashboard of yours and post on your blog each day. Others will tell you, you should do it 2 or 3 times a week.

Let me say this much: It is almost irrelevant how often you post on your blog if the content you put up is actionable, good quality stuff, and you take the time to communicate with your readers somehow.

It doesn't always have to be a blog. It can be a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or even EzineArticles. As long as they learn something from you sometimes, they'll be fine.

3. Focus On the Money
This is another thing people say a whole lot. Theoretically it makes sense, I mean, we're marketers and we want a good ROI no matter what it is we're doing, right?

Well, yeah, but if you just focus on cash, your following will realize you don't really care about them and they'll leave you. No one wants to be just an open wallet you call on whenever you need some dough.

People are people and they want to feel important so, while money is important, it should never be the driving force behind what you're doing. People over at McDonald's used to say that if you take care of the customer, the business will take care of itself.

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If you take care of the people that come to read your blog, the money will take care of itself. You won't even have to ask for it.

I've shared with you three of the deadliest blogging dangers out there. Avoid them at all cost and never fall for them. Always focus on the relationship you have with your people and you won't have problems getting awesome traffic and a bunch of money from your efforts.

How To Apply For A Bank Loan For Your Business And Get It

It’s no news that the biggest obstacle stopping most people from achieving their business goals is a lack of capital. It is very likely that for every ten people who are nursing a dream to start or grow their own business but have not been able to start, eight of them will tell you that lack of capital has been the reason for their failure to start and grow their business.

You may be facing the same predicament too. But is there a way to finally crush this monster and get the loan you want? So you can launch your business idea and put yourself on the road to living your dreams. Sure, there is. As we all know, for every problem, there is a solution.

There is always a solution
Finding the solution to your problem is usually the difficult part. Once you find it and implement it, your problem is solved.

Today, I will show you a novel way to apply for a loan from the bank for your business and get it. 

You will learn a strategy that has proven to work and has been implemented by a business owner who is now living her business dreams. She has gone from a small business owner running her business from her back yard to a big business owner with employees.

So how exactly can you apply for a bank loan for your business and get it?
To start with, understand that the foremost way banks make their money is through granting of loans. Banks make the bulk of their profits by giving loans to successful entrepreneurs, businesses and multinationals.

The reason for this is simple. Banks want to give their money to those who can pay it back within the stipulated time-frame plus the interest on it.  Here is a practical guide on  How to Get a Loan from a Bank  

Not all animals are equal
It’s amazing to note that while most business owners can hardly get a loan from the bank, bankers always go out in search of “customers.” According to them, they go out for “marketing.”

I have had a personal experience, more than once, and at more than one bank where I was at the bank to resolve an issue and I was told the person to attend to me went out for marketing.

I could hard believe my ears. “You mean the person to attend to me is out seeking for customers? And yet a customer who has left their business to come to the bank cannot be attended to?” The customer care personnel just looked at me with a grin.

What I did not understand then was the fact that George Orwell’s statement in the book “Animal Farm” that “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” was literally applied by the banks.

My bank balance then did not mean much to the bankers. They did not consider me a high net worth individual. Otherwise, it is the bank manager himself that would have been on my case.

I got to fully understand this when I was with a friend of mine, and some bankers came calling. What was their mission? To let him know he was welcome to take a loan if he so wishes and show him some of the available options.

Needless to say, he had some good figures in his account, and that is what led to their action.
The Anna Phosa Example
A South African entrepreneur, Anna Phosa started a small pig farm with $100 in 2004. She started the farm with only four pigs using a small capital of $100.

According to SmallStarter,
“From a small pig farm which she started in 2004 with $100 and only four pigs, she received a $2.5 million dollar loan from South Africa’s ABSA Bank to enlarge her piggery business.

This loan became possible because Anna secured a contract to supply 100 pigs a week to Pick ‘n Pay, one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains.

With a contract in hand and a credible large company behind her, Anna had significantly reduced the high risk that would have made her loan application difficult to approve.

From just four pigs, her new farm, which sits on a 350-hectare space, now holds nearly 4,000 pigs at a time. She currently employs about 20 staff and has become something of a celebrity pig farmer on the continent!”

Anna’s story is a good example of how you can get a loan from the bank, and go on to make your business dreams a reality.

3 Reasons To Set A Goal For Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a state you arrive at in your finances where your monthly passive income becomes greater than your monthly expenses.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to find that you have all the money you need to do anything you want, and that, without having to go to work to earn the money. That is what financial freedom looks like.
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No, your parents didn’t tell you about it. Chances are, you never even heard of it while in school, much less get educated about it and on how you can achieve it.

Well, you are in luck, the world has changed. Now you get to learn that there is such a thing as financial freedom. And better still yes, you can achieve it if you set a goal for it and work towards it. Well here are the Benefits Of Owning Your Own Business/Blog

So what are the three reasons why you need to set a goal for financial freedom?

1. Freedom to Live Your Dreams
Dreams. Everyone has them. But is it rather surprising that the majority of people in the world never get to live their dreams? It could be. But should it be? I mean have you ever been in a class where the topic for the day’s lesson was “How to Achieve Your Dreams?”.

I thought so too, because I have never been in one myself; all through my academic education, from elementary to the tertiary level.
What I share with you today is a result of personal desire and discoveries made while searching for answers to my own life and the fulfillment of my dreams.

One of the best ways to ensure you live your dreams is to achieve financial freedom. The easiest example of someone living his dreams today, having got the freedom to do so after achieving financial freedom is Bill Gates.

As you may already know, Bill Gates dropped out of school to build his company, Microsoft together with his friend Paul Allen, back in 1975. By 2000, he stepped down from his position as chief executive officer when the company had become a hugely successful global enterprise.

Gates has been traveling the world ever since carrying out philanthropic work for his foundation; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

With all expenses paid by the company for his activities and donations, he just lives everyday thinking where else he can have an impact.

No one can deny the impact that Donald Trump’s Financial Success has had on his becoming the president of the United States of America. That is certainly another example of how you gain an advantage when you have the money to back you up.

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2. Peace of Mind
Most people spend a huge part of their lives worrying about things that money can easily do for them. Much as it is important to make it clear that money will not solve all your problems, it does come very close to doing that.

You will have much less to worry about when you have all the money you need to do or get the things you want. This really helps your peace of mind.

3. Gives You an Opportunity to Leave a Lasting Legacy
Being financially free gives you a much better chance of leaving a good legacy behind when you are gone. That is not to say you cannot leave a legacy if you are poor, like the great Mahatma Gandhi of India and Mother Teresa showed a long time ago. But compared to most poor people out there, you certainly have a better chance when you are rich. However,procrastination have always been a major problem.Try to overcome it.

The simple reason that you have all the money you need to do whatever good you want to do, makes things so much easier for you.

There you have them, three reasons to set a goal for financial freedom. Of course I have set my own goal and only wish I knew about it much earlier. But now that you know, will you do the needful for yourself and your generations yet unborn?